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On Wednesday September 9, 2009, Steve Rapella joined us for the National A-Team/TVP conference call.

He had an exciting piece of news to share and read a letter from Mark Hamilton to all members  regarding the media blitz, our personal testimonials, our individual efforts, the National Committee’s efforts, those willing to serve as candidates, and the clubhouse meetings’ significance to the forward movement of the Twelve Visions Party.

It’s always great to hear directly from the captain and first officer of our “Starship NeoThink” as we continue our journey into a new civilization!

Make sure to listen to the recording if you missed it live.

EVENT:  84th National A-Team/TVP Conference Call

We also want to acknowledge and congratulate the following members selected by Mark Hamilton who will be serving us as the Twelve Visions Party National Team:

Michael Dilworth – Chairman

Steve Fagan – Sr. Vice Chair

Bill Hunsicker -Co-Chair

Tom Cary – Co-Chair

Larry Wirt – Vice Treasurer

Karlton Roberts – Treasurer

Loren Taylor  – Secretary

The newly appointed members each briefly addressed their feelings about the Twelve Visions Party.  Kenneth Townsend also shared his heart-felt testimonial.

The most important immediate step is for all members within the individual states to connect.

The next most important step, if not as important, is for everyone to write their testimonials about the impact Mark Hamilton and the Twelve Vision’s Party have had upon your life.

This should include where your journey began, how you currently feel, and how you see the Twelve Visions Party impacting your future and the future of your loved ones.

The Dallas/Ft.Worth news advertisement will be the first media to air information about our Party.

Mark Hamilton is utilizing his strengths in direct response marketing as we “pop the cork” and start to really get the party going!
Additionally, the Clubhouse meetings will now share information about the Twelve Visions Party and will be visited by Steve Rapella as he tours the country attending and seeding our meetings. [see Takin’ NT to the Streets}

Be on the look-out for an email containing information that will be helpful in launching your particular state.

Again, if you missed this call make sure to listen to the replay by going here.

Until next time,

Jill Reed

TVP field reporter

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  1. Vicki Jean Byrd says:

    Will all level Apprentices be included in the TVP activities? How can I help in my State of Arizona? I am already politically active in State, Local, and Federal websites and communications. But my time is limited that I can participate and I need to plan ahead to prevent interferences with my book writting deadlines.

  2. Nice replay! With such good leadership the TVP, will become success reality.

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