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Here ye, Here ye…

Announcing the historic official launch of the Twelve Visions Party (TVP)
The inaugural TVP national convention is being held in Chicago, Illinois July 17-19, 2009 and you are all invited to attend.

This revolutionary breakthrough in political reality ushers in a new era destined to bring this nation and this world safely into the future with a renewed sense of optimism and possibilities.

The TVP is here and with it comes a return to the principles this nation was founded upon including a very powerful upgrade as well.

Principles such as honesty, self-responsibility, civility, individual rights and a clearly defined limit to the powers of government in general.

However, the real beauty of the TVP lies in it’s brilliantly conceived use of advanced human technology to create a society of rapidly advancing health, wealth and security for all of its citizens.

Acting as a beacon in the darkness, TVP will shine forth throughout civilization to become the route out of stagnating politics and declining economies and into a brightly lit world of prosperity, value creation and happiness for all who thirst for it.

The need for an honest alternative to the obsolete, corrupt political system in this nation and in this world is now greater than at any time in human history.

The timing is right.

The time is NOW.

So join us now on this march to destiny as we celebrate the birth of a new civilization, the world we were all meant to live in.
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6 Responses for “TVP”

  1. Dale Leo says:

    Some shared thoughts from the Power of the Twelve Visions Party.

    In today’s world, with all the corruption The Pretenders ( stealers, cheaters, liars ) did you ever think it was possible to be in a room filled with nothing but, Honest people.

    The nice guy, the nice person always comes in last.

    NOT NO MORE ! Finally, here we are a room filled, a community filled, a society filled with nothing but Honest people.

    The ride I have been on has now picked up speed.

    Are you ready to go on the ride that will never end, the ride that will generate more distance as it picks up more and more knowledge. The ride that will last a life time into Eternity.
    Shared knowledge, what a trip!

    We all have different life experiences.
    We all gain some kind of Knowledge from each experience.
    Shared knowledge builds a stronger mind.

    Remember what you wish for, it will appear right in front of you, and you may not even know it.

    Anything you can do – you can do better with Neothink!

    With ever lasting Love into Eternity,
    Dale Leo

  2. If America wins the war on terror, the Twelve-Visions World will be our bright and shining future!

    I’m telling everyone in the world that I know to vote for in the TVP members!

  3. Sanford W. Cramer 3rd says:

    If America wins the war on terrorism? Think Positive!!!!!! TVP will win out
    and destroy the anticivilization.

  4. what if America loses the war on terror. Still think positive. TVP is still on a destiny mission. The whole world needs change, real change. Yes, it starts here and remember the terrorist are searching for their change and they need it even more than regular people. Win or lose, Neo-tech is the winner, ultimately.

  5. Rick Boyle says:

    Great new tool, thank you all for the efforts,they do shine!

    Vote the bums out, vote TVP in!

  6. Bill Juarbe says:

    They will cheat the vote, it’s not going to be an easy thing. Realize who has been in office and that they have informants, and will go to extreme measures to keep what they have.
    We all have to do our part, each and every one of us, we have to practice to think integrated, we must put in place the puzzle pieces before the puzzle is solved.

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