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The Writers/Poets Essence Team/Mind-Snap Magazine:

In case anyone is wondering, Mind-Snap Magazine will be accepting submissions of Creations from Artists of any Genre, which are of lasting values to the minds and sensitivities of our Membership in the Neothink Society! Please send to:

Also, if you are interested in becoming a Senior Editor, and/or a possible Partner/Coordinator send a message to the above e-mail.

The Participants on the calls have begun interacting in beautiful and supportive ways together. There was a period in the beginning of the calls just setting the stage for the “Big Picture” to develop in our Neothink Society. Some business was discussed then.

We did have presentations by Rick Mabe from the Business angle, and Sheyenne Kreamer for the marketing aspect. The MIND-SNAP Press will be a separate business incorporation into the Global Arts business that the Artists/Musicians will be accomplishing ahead.

For now, the emphasis will be on exploring Creativity through our Creations. We are now meeting every Friday night at 9pm Eastern on a Teleseminar/Webinar Xiosoft Society-Account: 1-949-333-4806, access code: 256015#.

Come one, Come All, & join in the FUN! We plan the Call to be ~an hour, though it may run over some…

The Artists/Musicians Essence Team:

This Team has been meeting Every Sunday @2pm Eastern for months. We have just manifested a Xiosoft Account for this Teleseminar/Webinar Conference: 1-971-240-4076, access code: 358336#, moderated by Jeff Smith. This will make for an easier Replay, and more clarity during the Call. Also, participants are unlikely to be “bumped off”. There will always be open lines for interactions after announcements and updates are presented. Our Coordinator is Steve LaValley. This also runs about an hour, occasionally a little over.

There are some very stimulating collaborations among the Musicians/Artists/Writers/Poets planned to be produced in a double album of Essences. This makes the sparks ignite, and will be announced on the upcoming Writers/Poets Conference Call! So much is in the AIR, just waiting to be tapped by we the Creators! Do please come and join us, we want your input!!! This Essence is also aimed at melding the business aspect into the Artists’ mentality…

Our Musicians/Artists/Poets have performed at some of the Neothink Events: World Neothink Day last year in Youngstown, Ohio, and this year in Connecticut, the New Jersey & Virginia TVP Conventions. Also, Mark Hamilton, is promoting Jeff Smith’s CD Album “Value Reflections”, geared to contributing 100% of $ value received to the TVP, so look for it in your e-mail Inbox! More to come…

Elaine Bennett

Neothink Business Alliance ARTS Coordinator


  1. Daniel Sheldon says:

    Hi I am new to the neothink society.but I am a writer and aspiring artist and I have a few things that I’d like to do with you guys the only problem I have been having is funding and contacts.I would like to make videogames toys comicbooks, books, and movies.I have a published screenplay that I have had copywritten and a trademark for it too .contact me back and I will give you more info.I sure hope this neo thing works cause I can always make more.Thank you and best regards, Daniel

  2. Hi Daniel, Welcome to MIND-SNAP but now into Global Arts Business. They will be help you very soon. Good Luck!

    I am sure most of you might get tired of hear for me to saying that I am deaf person, but some of new people might need to know, who I am. Ok, I thank you to Elaine Bennett for wrote this.. in the NeoThinking Newspaper. I love to read it what is going on… That NeoThink Newspaper, I always receives each month makes me sooooooo exited to read them… But… I can not waiting to open my arts project to the public soon and I plan to put information (web address) on my website for ad about Neothinking clubhouse and I am wondering, is there still be free for first time visitor at the clubhouse? Please let me know before I put information for non-member can find clubhouse near their home. Or Let me know what is best web address for me to give out to the public so they can find a clubhouse near their home. Help me please with great appreciate and look forward to be hearing from you, soon.. Thank you

  3. To begin; thanks and appreciation is deserving for all contributors to The Neothink(R) World, I acknowledge and extend my sincere thoughts for this reality. One value, among many that I have acquired as a member/participant in The Neothink World, is Competent Education in a variety of subjects. The Educational opportunities were available to me without my being harrassed or hindered in any way, as has happened several times over my life time. I wholeheartedly thank The Neothink World Members, and It’s Founder, Mr. Mark Hamilton for such splendid Educational opportunity.

  4. Ogden (Ennobler) says:

    It is always a pleasure to read news from prospering value oriented people. There are so many valuable thoughts I could express, but allow me to say that as I live and experience life, I find myself more and more integrating experiences that I have from day to day, building a knowledge base that I can share with life. Just recently I came to the realization that all the problems in the world are caused by those who seem to not have a stable and value oriented mine. To bring from the sub-conscious to the conscious the thought that, currently the world is in a pandemic mental health crisis, is a shocking reality. Thanks to Mark Hamilton for the education you have provided for all who wish to have a “world class” addition to their knowledge base.

  5. Renee Maira says:

    Hello everyone, Some of you may know of me. I have been around for some five years now. I am an actress and model. I am very passionate about Neothink and change in the world. I will be attending the call this Fri. to talk to all of you. I would like to know how I can help with my FNE’s I would be honored to be able to add to this wonderful organization.

  6. Hi. I’m also a new member of Neo Tech and I’m tired of watching the World pass me bye. I know that. I can be more effective in life thru the fullness of My FNE. I’m a Writer, Singer, Preacher, Entrepreneur, and World Visionary. I’m praying thru thorough research of the Neo Tech Heirlooms that My change will come. I’ve envision, The Way Stadium which will become an avenue for information, revenue, jobs, world affairs. Is their a way that I can get My vision afloat?

  7. TommyTran says:

    Hi Everyone, wow this is great …. It’s great to see everyone is working on The Essences of Life and moving our Neothink Societies Values of The World……..

    We Live in a Great New World …. just sending Love to Everyone !!!

  8. Cyrstal Jordan says:

    Hello I am a new member of Neothink world and because of the reading and learning process I am beginning to understand the teachings. I’ve always known that as a human there are many special things that I am very good at. Thinking is my strongest quality I was given at birth and it does amaze me how I am able to help people who do have thinking problem. I took the opportunity to read over information on the clubhouse web page in hopes to find a meeting up with member and get more of an understanding of my values. I wiil soon retire from my job and pursue my business and giving back to the community where I was raised up in by opening up a roller skaking center. This roller skating center will be unmatched, because it is designed to address many social issues in a community striving to stay alive without help for the Goverment. This has always been my dream to help people stay healthy and to enjoy life. I beleive meeting people with same minds opens up a new way of life for me.

  9. Bill Wilson says:

    Hello I am a new member of Neothink and am enjoying what I am reading and also lessening to, on the phone calls, and thinking of how the Neothink Societies
    are so needed in World and how much it will change things for the betterment of
    all who can see the important’s of the overall good of everyone that has the understanding of whats needs to be done,and the team work that it will take.I look forward to meeting all of you some day.

  10. ARTEM says:

    Greetings, my Neothink family members,

    My name is Artem and I’m here for my path by understanding in complete form of who I’m and who are You yourself as well. We are in a unique path of process called LIFE!!! Look at the timeline of these days what is happening in the world, what is happening in universe (IN WHICH AND WHO WE ARE!!).
    Ask yourself a question, ask the one that You’ve been asking yourself all the time-I’m I lucky to be here in this dimentional reality at this time-line or I chose myself to incarnate into this reality to bring higher vibrations towards in-lightment of your soul by choosing to understand the remembrance of yourself. Our mother planet threw us is receiving now the support of higher vibration of LOVE perspective. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE— Who is and which is the eternal collective-connective consciousness of Creation- The collective connection EVERYTHING TO EVERYTHING as ONE. We are all one with universe like a droplet of the ocean but the ocean is the droplet itself!!!
    This is a unique transformation which is happening right now in all around our galaxy and I want You to realize for yourself the most, fill everything around You alive, more alive. Signs, birds, animals, numbers, sun shine reflections, sky, clouds- if they are all of them clouds or maybe not. You and your thoughts are the main tools, thoughts create illusions- illusions become reality when expressed with pure loving heart honest to himself or herself. Many of us need to see the wisdom of knowledge in pictures for to be ready because it is a very high energy in all forms of shapes and understandings that YOU gonna be filling soon. And over all lets make it real, start the simple form of reality- treat everybody as your own family member, there is nothing powerful and beautiful then that feeling which will be the full reality in front of YOU. This is the GOLDEN FORMULA OF LIFE, I’m as Artem , guarantee YOU that!!!!!!!
    Lets begin to bring ourself back to family, I know many of us will fill so much more as missing part of life. We are all part of the Ascension process. I’m a life experience and the literature, You too as well who is and which is looking to accomplish the purpose of life. the purpose is to create peace, wisdom and eternal harmony. Remember who You are and try to make wise choices. You are loved and very important for creation and it’s up to You to choose to understand. These are the most important moments in our life.
    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!

  11. Sherry Dodd says:

    I very much want to thank Mark Hamilton for having the wisdom, knowledge and understanding with love that started with Mr. Wallace that is shown when he started Neothink. I am a new member and have many challenges at home, so I am all alone in my excitement in being invited to join the family of NT. I look forward to moving forward becoming a value creator, and would like all the assistance available. Love to all.

  12. Neal R. says:


    Not sure if you are still active? I wanted to respond to your post of 1/13/15 to see what has changed for you and your challenges at home now 21 months later after discovering, and hopefully practicing Neothink? Would love to hear from you. with loving & caring, Neal

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