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Neothink NewsIt’s In The Books

Greetings and welcome to the April edition of your NTNews member newsletter.

As this issue of NTNews is being published on April 15, this is an appropriate time to talk about something very near and dear to all of us.

That’s right, something very personal which concerns all members and a defining reason why we are all here.

Of course I am talking about the Prime Literature!

While the forces of the “ruling class” continue to swirl about us, we continue to build a peaceful, creative, supportive, parallel world here in the NTSociety where we can actualize our dreams of the lives we were all meant to live.

The Prime Literature, our most treasured multi-generational manuscripts, are literally the roadmap out of the decaying world of force, fraud and the “ruling class” straight into our future of “Wealth, Health and Peace,” the world we are all meant to live.

Over 30+ years of foundation building and countless thousands of man hours and brain sweating creative, integrated thinking have gone into the creation of this collection of globally historic documents.

These works signal man’s jump to a new way of using the mind…a never before seen mentality equalled in significance only by man’s jump into consciousness over 5000 years ago.

Hold  them in a place of prominence both in your hearts and in your homes. Let them always be active in your thoughts and visit them often. There is a power you hold which can be felt even in the physical presence of these priceless treasures.

As editor, I would like to express my gratitude and respect to Dr. Wallace and Mark Hamilton for their unyielding commitment and inspiration in bringing these great gifts into all our lives.

A great way to insure your ongoing connection with the Prime Literature is available to you every week in the NTSociety. Be sure to take advantage of the Tuesday night weekly Heirloom Review calls hosted by Steven Hinz.

The format is fresh and dynamic and is a great way to expand your own level of integrations while keeping you close to the heart of the Prime Literature. You can also listen at any time to past calls which are all archived for your convenience and benefit.

Ok, moving on.

As you are all aware, on Saturday, March 20 the TVP of New Jersey held their 2nd annual state convention.

All reports confirm an exhilarating and joyous time was had by all.

Mark Hamilton delivered the keynote address via video broadcast and outlined the current and future path the TVP will take as we continue to grow and expand the reaches of  Neothink into all aspects of the world in which we live.

Any member who hasn’t yet seen Mr. Hamiltons address can find it here.

Special thanks go out to all the members of the New Jersey TVP committee as well as all the attendees who made the event so special.

More video footage from the event will be available soon so be on the lookout.

Read about NTSociety member Jill Reeds exciting adventure as she travelled cross country to be at the convention. Her article is in the clubhouse section.

That’s it for this edition and, oh yeah, April 15 reminds me to remind you to remember that this is the day back in 1992 that mega value creator and business titan Leona Helmsley was sent to jail for tax evasion…

This one is in the books!

All the Best.


3 Responses for “It’s In The Books”

  1. Jill Reed says:


    Thank you so much for putting this valuable creation together for us. I really enjoy reading your post as well as all my other fellow creators words.

    Today, I told two (2) people that I am helping create a new America, and that they will be pleasantly surprised when they discover how much it is like the world they have envisioned all of their lives.

    Thanks again for all that you do as Editor of NeothinkNews and as head of the NT Warriors. You are a dear friend.


  2. The article(s) are wonderful to read. The perspective in how I view everything around me changed somewhat as a result of being a neothink member. The litature had been quite comelling to digest; the heirlooms as awe inspiring and realistic they are to be. At times I wonder why I had been approached by Mr Hamilton, he is a great man as is his Dad, and somewaht feel insignificant comparred to his level or his Dad’s. Yet, maybe for an instant the charecter of what neothink looks for to be pulled into their society is those quite like Mr Hamilton or his Father, those that have this energy and insight to dream and build and create and see for what is and what isn’t. Mr Hamilton had somethign correct with me that replyed so many times in my conscious each and every day the last few months, basic relationships. I just written my love, Terri, and e-mail, and it was somethign so oddly what Mr Hamilton related to in a video conference, it deals with values, important values. There are many of them significant values, everywhere, yet to see them is another accord. This value I wrote to Terri on in an e-mail to her e-mail account specified soemthing she began in a piece of writing, with a topic mixed in as a value. And her rare type of ability to see so inside me is just like Mr Hamilton’s, I’m perplexed. I wrote back to her,” You gave me a value that had never been present in my 43 years of life ebing so alone, despondant and isolated form the crowd”, it was written somethign to that nature. I explained to her she given to me the feeling of being needed and wanted that I had a purpose. She wonders where I get thsi energy from and I think she knows a truth so deep inside me of an empitness that had been so evident. This type of stuff can be researched and studied evenin the Miss Annabelle’s Secrets book, of finding that value. I have many of them, yet one was there that I couldn’t open on my own, and Terri opened it and all this beautiful stuff came out everywhere endlessly. By her side I came up with more innovation concepts for renewables, etc then I could possiably imagine, from the feeling of being loved and needed, just as in the Book. I wish I could open this feeling up and let it Universally flow into everyone I meet. I hadn’t ever really thought I could open up to others, or even be significant or have a value, and i guess I do. Soemdays I walk out that door and strool downtown and everyoen knows i am goign downtown for what ever reason, andlately they know to expect nice things to be said or things of value and care and things of innovation or creativity or of adding values back to another human being. And it took a woman by the name of Terri to explain it like that to me “PAtrick, don;t you ever think your aren’t worth anything” she wrote,a nd went on” you are the most incrediable and most talented man I had ever met””, and went on to say things like what Mrr Hamilton said in his video conference… and alls I think I wanted in life for all of that to coem out was to fall in love with just one woman and be the bast manI could for her and I did and was, and still continue to do so. I even came up with a car design next to her side that runs off of its own momentum. Sadly I written about it on the intra net otherwise I could of owned theidea and kept it for moeny for myself and wish I could, Newtoian Physics. I fell in love, jus tlike Mr Hamilton said I would,adn I did these great thigns and my mind began making puzzels bigger then before and they are all value creating puzzels mindfully. So I ask, as I sit here and type,
    Can you see my heart beat within your eye?
    Can you see how my emotions are so alive?
    Can yousee the love ina row of trees
    covered by each Summer’s breeze?

    Love is beautiful, as Terri IS my #1 A-Team member, and my only member at this time, she and I value all of you, and she is the keeper of my books. And she is the first person I found I can trust and love just like all of you. Here you are all on a web page, inlife Terri and someothers are face to face and it is such a beautiful feeling to feel such great emotional qualities…
    “To Mr Hamilton, thank you so much. Do know I and Terri ahve a destiny and a love to share and believe in the writings in the books that all can be restorred to love once again. I believe in you Mr Hamilton…I believe…”

  3. Patrick & Terri says:


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