Going Public With TVP!

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Twelve Visions PartyProgress with the Twelve Visions Party is on the up and up. After the historic launching of TVP in July, gears have been shifted and it’s now time to start taking the party to the people! The momentum is building and TVP is gaining traction quickly. And of course as TVP grows and more integrations are locked into place, this process of going public will become ever faster and more efficient. Bring on the C of U!

Mark Hamilton has selected the national officers for the party. They are meeting regularly to build the foundation of what will be the most celebrated addition to politics since the founding of America. We now have state parties forming and becoming official affiliates of the National Party. New Jersey is leading the way followed closely by the great states of Texas and California.

Members are stepping up and adding their value to TVP like never before. The California TVP Chapter has sponsored a TVP booth at the “West Fest” concert at Golden Gate Park during the weekend of October 23rd. Spearheaded by Issa Fiad, TVP of California has reached out to a crowd of tens of thousands of people to spread the word of TVP through this event. Congratulations Issa and the CATVP team!

Another avenue of reaching out to a massive audience is underway as well. Mark Hamilton is currently working on an ad to run in the Dallas Morning News and Reason Magazine. TVP is the political party founded on sound business principles and controlled spending, so the advertising of TVP must follow the free market business dynamics of first offering a value then taking payment for it to fund the party. The party must grow by offering tangible values that people willingly pay for. This is the only way to fund the party of business and for business.

This upcoming ad will be offering a book for sale…a tangible value to enlighten the reader about the wonderful benefits of the Prime Law and the Twelve Visions Party. As long as this ad at least breaks even on budget, then more placements throughout the country will soon follow.

As we go public with TVP, more and more opportunities are becoming available for Society members to contribute through their essence. One of TVP’s main focuses right now while going public is creating a protective shield of value around Mark Hamilton, the Twelve Visions Party and the Neothink Society. This protective shield of value consists mainly of powerful member testimonials which appear throughout the growing Neothink internet presence thanks to the hard work of Mike Ginther and Mack Biggs.

Members are encouraged to send in at least one personal written testimonial to MarkHamilton@Neothink.com. Include “Testimonial” in the Subject line. Members are also encouraged to submit video testimonials to http://www.NeothinkTV.com. As TVP gains public awareness and people start doing internet searches for TVP and Mark Hamilton, we will have thousands of individual voices profoundly thanking Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the TVP for all of the wonderful values they stand for. This protective shield of honest value will ensure that the masses get the real story about our wonderful society.

The project of gathering testimonials is being aided by a growing group of “NT Warriors” who are working on a campaign to clean up some of the misunderstandings and unfounded accusations toward our Society on the internet. This one-two punch of asserting positive testimonials along with directly engaging and countering the misunderstandings and unjustified complaints will ensure that the TVP is received in an honest, objective light by the masses who will soon be inquiring about it.

Stay tuned to the Wednesday call and the Sunday TVP Education and Integration call for updates and information. This is a very pivotal time in human history and the TVP is on the cutting edge of the world’s transformation into a completely free, safe, and wealthy community…And of course the Prime Law is our avenue of getting there!

By Jeff Smith

10 Responses for “Going Public With TVP!”

  1. Issa Fiad says:

    Hello Jeff and thank you for mintioning our the 2009 4oth annual of the wood stock cancert at Golden Gate Park in San francisco. the fact is a lot to thank you for.
    I enjoy reading your writings.

  2. Betty-Jane Osborne says:

    Thank you Jeff for a very informative article on the TVP. The TVP is what awakened my interest and stimulated me into action in 2007. I am sorry that I ignored politics all my life. I am now trying to make up for lost time. I am in the TVPOR and learning. Thank you again!

  3. Ron Mottern says:

    Value creation in any government is a rare commidity. I have no afterthoughts of paying for values that benefit the citizens, unlike the forced, under threat payments that we all make to only benefit a few. Cloaked with close ended twisted truth to justify their agendas. I applaud TVP for their open ended honesty by offering a value for payment. Save a copy for me.

  4. Conngrats to TVP California for their first public event!

  5. JoAnn Cooksey Selmont says:

    Jeff you have a common last name, but YOU stand at the head of the helm along side MARK HAMILTON and the two of you are steering the TVP in the way it was meant to be for our WHOLE COUNTRY. I really look forward to listening to YOU and the others each week. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.

  6. Victoria says:

    I am excited and a little scared to hear the TVP is going public, I only hope the Public is ready. I am reading daily the Miss Annabell Story to my children, they love Mark Hamilton and understand the TVP. More importantly its helped them understand “why” things are the way they are with our government , economic system, health care system and why people just follow like sheep. They are far ahead of most children their ages,(15,11 & 11). Thank you Mark Hamilton for finding me. Anything I can do to move our movement along I am willing and ready. I just hope the “People”, the “Public” is ready, we have until 2012 if no impeachment occurs, can we wait that long? In the movie “The Matrix” things got really bad before Neo saved the people.

    Sincerely A NeoThink Soldier
    Victoria from Texas

  7. thomas peeples says:

    i just want to thank my mentor for bringin me into the neotech and helping me to become the person i were ment to be, and im so glad i am apart of the history in the making tvp and being part of ridin the world of its anticivilization and becomin part of the c of the u ,i feel uphoria as i type this i have become more creative in my thinking rite now im creatin value for society that will be put in front of major distributors the first quater of 2010,i just like to thank mark hamilton,the late great dr.frank wallace for empowering me with such great knowledge and power and taking me out of my bicamaral ,mistical way of thinkin and keepin my self in a stagnant rut. thanks your apprentice thomas peeples of alabama one love neo tech

  8. Ogden says:

    To begin, Ogden is quite excited and as always willing to do what ever it takes, while remembering The Prime Law, to help others and society. Ogden is thankful for the brilliant guidance and support from both, the late Dr. Frank Wallace and Mark Hamilton, and to all the other members Congradulations!

  9. Dennis Whicher says:

    I never did have much respect for politicians, especially after Carter fouled up his handling of the 1979 energy crisis, and Nixon had his problems trying to stabilize the economy. And it has only gotten worse–as zealous Christians get into office, they are influenced to put church laws into secular laws. We end up with a lot of stupid laws and regulations.

    And now, we need the Twelve Visions Party more than ever. After Obama went to Copenhagen to sign us onto a global treaty that creates another problem where none existed (the pollution permits), I have even less than zero trust in him. For all I know, he plans to bypass the Senate ratification, and use the three months or so it will take to (hopefully) impeach him to totally sell out our country. None of which would be possible under the Prime Law.

    I fully support the Prime Law, of no initiatory force, threats of force, or fraud against another person or their property. We do not need presidents that are going to weave Christianity into our lawbook. We do not need “presidents” that act like kings. We do not need “presidents” that are going to undo all that people did to get us into independence during the 1770s and 1780s. And we do not need regulatory agencies getting a big fat paycheck to hold us back into the 1950s.

  10. TheTwelve Visions Party momentum, at this time indicates a great
    Success, for all of the members. Great Leadrership!

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