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Business AllianceMission

We are forming a business alliance to drive out all businesses that create the support structure of the political anticivilization. We’ll make every effort to give our business to other members.  We’ll seek out and give every consideration to members for doing business.  Whether we’re buying goods, hiring employees, or using suppliers, we’ll give first consideration to members of the Neothink® Clubhouses.

Business Alliance Logo Approved

The logo for our Business Alliance has been approved by Mark Hamilton.  This logo is a key puzzle piece in moving the alliance forward.  The winner of the Neothink® Business Alliance Logo contest is Mr. Mitch Mahoney. We thank all the participants that contributed their value to this effort.  In recognition of Mitch’s accomplishment he will be receiving a collector’s edition of The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill.  Congratulations Mitch and well done!

Dream Business Workshops Underway

One of the values that The Alliance is bringing to the Neothink® Super Puzzle is helping young businesses to begin their journey into Honest and Pure Love business.  The Alliance also wants to help large successful companies to begin embracing the change from the Anticivilization Business Paradigm to the Neothink® Business Paradigm.  Recently Rick Mabe began delivering a series of workshops intended to deliver this value to Alliance members.  The title of the Workshop Series is “Defining Your Dream Business”.  These workshops extract vital pieces of knowledge from various resources that integrate together to bring solutions to many of the challenges we face in our journey.  Please join us on Monday nights to begin experiencing what many others are already.

Featured Essence Group – Alternative Energy

By Keith Gilmore

Periodically, the Business Alliance news will feature one of the Essence Groups that is working to move our society closer to our ultimate goal.

The Alternative Energy group was formed about 7 weeks ago from a simple idea. The simple idea was to take someone’s passionate interest in an area, their FNE, and attempt to mold it into a Neothink® business using Neothink® principals and methods described in the Prime Literature. Knowing that this project could become more than one person could easily accomplish, it was decided to put the call out to the society to see if there were likeminded members among us.

The decision was made to invite active members and to form the group immediately. One week later we had our first teleconference call with thirteen members and we have been creating history since.

The information we were exchanging early on was found to be valuable intellectual material that members would be reluctant to share unless we could find a way to protect their ideas. Consequently, we have a confidentiality agreement between us for that purpose which we all take very seriously.

We are meeting as a group in Las Vegas for a two day seminar/planning/mastermind session. Because our members are from all across the country, this is likely a first for the society at least in modern times.  Vision Ten directs us to surround ourselves with geniuses and what better way to do that than with a group of likeminded Neothink® Self-Leaders?

We will continue to keep you updated as much as we can as we move forward with our dream. So, continue to look for updates as we may just get you involved with this when the time is right if you have an interest to join us.

9 Responses for “Business Alliance News”

  1. Lois Mead says:

    Please keep me informed!

  2. Please keep me informed.

  3. The Business Alliance is just in time to assist Sole Proprietors and Businesses flurrish. Many thanks!

  4. Lucine Kenderjian says:

    Please keep me informed via email. Thank you.

  5. A most excellent endeavor! You know I am ready, willing and able to help you form your business entity.
    I applaud you and your group. The environment will thank you and we who will be using your finished product are thankful.

  6. Michael Harrison says:

    It was nice to see that action is in progress on making our vision a reality. How does that saying goes ” What the mind can concieve it can achieve” Let’s go to the next level !!

  7. Paul S Severin says:

    I am one of the 13 (13 is my lucky #, I guess…assuming that one believes in luck) that answered the invitation to engage, think and act (re: the Featured Essence Group – Alternative Energy as reported in the October 2009 edition By Keith Gilmore).
    I am now an active Team Member and NeoThinking…this is happening @ Mach speed (to couch it in aircraft terminology) compared to anything that I do with my dead-end-rut day job. We will be meeting in a few short days in Las Vegas to Team NeoThink the final priority puzzle pieces and implement them!! This is so far past exhilarating for me…business incorporation achievement is so close…with this team it is definitely a vision coming true, literally. What a group this is, diverse…from all walks of life (a definite Team strength in my opinion) from all across the country with each contributing, and representing their own different personal resumes, experiences, achievements, desires (F-N-E’s), objectives…I am amazed and proud to be affiliated with each and every one of them and I have only met one of the 13 F2F so far. Looking forward to meeting them all. I could go on and on—the bottom line is if we can do it, and we want to do it, therefore…we shall do it—at this point we will “achieve” based on sheer exhilaration and momentum. The message to all who read this: Anyone (or formed group) can and should ——integrate thought(s)…focus your mind(s), folks…take control and put fears behind you. We (in the NeoThink Society) need and want all of the beautiful business minds that wish to join our growing ranks (are we waiting for Government to solve it for us? Observe how they willingly spend your $$$ for their personal gain, not yours. …please, bring invite people into the NeoThink Clubhouses and the new N-T business party…our own “Twelve Visions Party”, the TVP. Let’s engage, create those new values for our Society…vote carefully…and best of all enjoy the journey!

    So, hoist the sails and we shall see you all on the Beaches-of-the-World!

    Paul S Severin
    a NeoThink Soceity Member

  8. vicente san martin jr says:

    this is the spot that it all got started for me the host of this is great Rick is doing a great job

  9. shervette mackey says:

    Please send me more information thanks

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