An Evolution in The Neothink® Business Alliance

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BusAllianceSince the 2009 Twelve Visions Party® Convention and Neothink® World Summit in July, The Neothink Business Alliance has been breaking new ground on the paradigm shift in business.  This newsletter will be one of the major media outlets for business news and reports.  In future issues the business alliance will be featuring companies that have experienced the benefits of membership and will provide the latest and greatest Neothink® business news. All business alliance members are urged to sign up to receive this newsletter by going to

Many things are changing and evolving in the society and the business alliance is one that is being carefully integrated into the entire society and will connect the local clubhouses too. In the future months ahead you will see many things evolve and grow into strong tools for our society to attract many new future members and provide many advantages for our members to grow as the society grows.

Charter Member Program

There are now over 90 charter member companies and individuals and that number is expected to increase steadily in the last quarter of 2009.  As the value of the business alliance and membership becomes more apparent there will be a greater demand for companies that are members.  You are invited to send inquiries about acquiring a membership application packet to and stay tuned to the Neothink® News for future developments.

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  1. Bill Juarbe says:

    I will need a promoter and a publicist for my Rock Band, Plutonium Jones. We are writing songs that fit the society’s agenda and beliefs. We are in need of professional band equipment to tour with. We would like to have sponsors from within the NTBA.

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