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Neothink Top News For MayActivate Your Essence

Greetings everyone and welcome to your NTNews May 2010 edition.

This month we are going to SNAP some large puzzle pieces together as we continue our journey forward into the world we are all meant to live in.

The keyword for this month is ACTIVE…as in… it’s time to activate your own essence here in the Neothink® Society!

As we have learned, and have now had time to give much thought to, our most important self discovery is the identification of our own powerful essence which lies within each of us.

Where does your downstream focus feel like taking you? What does your deep motivational root look like to you? What does that child of the past want to do with your creative nature and abilities? Have you re-connected with your playful inner sense of life yet?

I submit to you that nothing else matters unless you are feeling the exhilaration of your never ending quest to discover and realize the life YOU were meant to live!

Right here, right now, you can tap into any of the varied and eclectic resources here in the ever  expanding Neothink® Society to help you accelerate your evolution into the Twelve Visions World…the joyous, value creating and exciting world in which you were meant to live…

…So, let’s activate that essence of yours shall we!?

Let’s take a look at some of the many opportunties you have for your own personal activation.

First, The Twelve Visions Party, the political arm of the NTSociety.

This non-political political movement is aimed at de-politicizing the world in which we all live. By focusing on the goal of injecting The Prime Law directly into the fabric of our Constitution and legal structure, thereby forbidding the initiation of force, threat of force, or fraud, the TVP will lay the vital foundation for all future growth and will ensure a peaceful evolution into the C of U.

Second, The Neothink Society Clubhouses and A-Teams.

This grassroots dynamic is critical to our ongoing expansion and builds that all important local interaction which provides the face to face contact we as humans desire for our personal connection and well being. This is where we can come together and build our own universe from the ground up.

Third, The Business Alliance.

This evolving arena is already well on it’s way to providing an economic and business platform which will eventually comprise the furthest leading edge business, entreprenurial, marketing and wealth generating technologies mankind has ever witnessed! Get involved early and you are almost guaranteed a lifetime of wealth and opportunity.

Also, aligned with the Business Alliance is the newly forming Arts Mastermind Essence Team comprising various artists, musicians, writers, poets etc.

This is the place where you can showcase and develop your valuable artistic, value reflecting expressions while also having access to a ready and willing business minded community. Long gone will be the idea of the “starving artist or musician.”

At this point, I am honored to introduce to all of you the newest creation to come out of the Arts Mastermind Essence Team…

It’s called Mind Snap Magazine.

Here is a quick synopsis of Mind Snap from the co-ordinator of the Arts Mastermind Team Elaine Bennett.

Writers/Poets/Arts Mastermind Team: MIND-SNAP Magazine

In case all haven’t received THE WORD: This magazine is the outlet for the creative expressions from our Artists of all genres to have a place to release these powerful

essences to be enjoyed by our Neothink/TVP Membership…to start with perhaps

monthly issues sent out. Details are being worked out as we go.

You can read the full article about Mind Snap Magazine in the Business Alliance section of this newsletter and you can hear about more exciting developments in this area.

You can also get a sneak preview of member Jeff Smith’s musical creation/CD in the BA section

Also, check out the article about Neothink® Radio as NT gets injected directly into the airwaves of this planet!

Way to go all you artists…

Fourth, we have The NT Warrior Team.

This team of proud NT members, some 700 strong, are taking on the role of protectors and promoters of the Neothink® Society, The Twelve Visions Party, and Mark Hamilton.

As more and more values are created and expanded upon, it is the purpose of the NT Warriors to ensure the unimpeded flow of these values into our world.

Activities of the NT Warriors include, but are not limited to, missions sent out from Mark Hamilton aimed at repelling negative attacks, if necessary, while also injecting positive and accurate information directly into the mainstream content outlets. The media, as well as the internet and beyond.

All NT Society members are welcomed and encouraged to become active members of this elite team of NT Warriors.

Send an email to if you would like to become a member.

Fifth, the newly created Association For Curing Aging.

This is a very exciting area which will provide many avenues for you to take an active part in.

Much more to come in the near future so stay tuned.

So there you have it.

That is The Neothink® Society at a quick glance!

To be clear, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as opportunities for you all to stretch yourself into new frontiers and to activate your own growing desires and passions while creating for yourself the life you were truly meant to live.

Take full advantage of these amazing values and just get in there and let your creative essences flow!

I hope you enjoy all the great articles and  information we have put together for your enjoyment and entertainment.

May your essence be with you!

Quick note from the editor.

This will be my last issue as editor of NTNews.

I want to express my appreciation to all the writers and contributors who have made my time as your editor so enjoyable and exciting.

It has been a pleasure and honor to fill this role and I look forward to moving on to the next level of this incredible journey into Neothink.

All the Best,


21 Responses for “Activate Your Essence”

  1. There is good Layout on going… lets the (Mark Hamilton) seed blooms up and keep growing (us) put all the pieces puzzle, like enlarge stand like BEAUTIFUL OAK TREE.

  2. Jim, thank you for the role of Editor…you will be missed. Thank you for giving our Neothink Family the best of you!!!

  3. Adam Huntley says:

    Thank you Jim! Looking forward to the ongoing replication occurring within the NT Society. 🙂


  4. A significant persentage of my fortune, is, being integrated with such notable achievers as I find in the Neothink Society. I find myself time and time again, focusing on delivering my [Psychic Healing, and Electronics/Mechanical Engineering] techniques to the aid and betterment of life on this Planet. Life Offering Value Exchange = LOVE to all in the Universe

  5. Mrs. Terri Gordon says:

    I would just like to say, I love the Newpaper, And all Mr. Hamilton is doing.
    Best wishes to all us as members of The Neothink Society. And Truly best wishes to Mr. Mark Hamilton A true success indeed. Also Steve Fagan. Mr, Ginther

  6. Bilal says:

    I like to say i am very grateful for Mr. Mark Hamilton and all his great groups in this newspaper, we are in the beginning of this journey and we are going to change our life by snapping and using the super puzzle piece, with the business alliance we will create the best values and products for the mankind to achieve happiness and cure aging and remove mysticism from the people mind, Thank you again guys and for more success in every area ..

  7. Patrick & Terri says:

    How’s everyone doing? More of a better day today I presume with everyone.
    Let’s power up NEOTHINK and all affiliates and members. There is perfect morale and perfect greatness aboput each and everyone. I am sure Mr. Mark Hamilton does see that in everyone. Well, everyone have a great day, and let’s make this world a better place. We run Earth, NEOTHINK SOCIETY for a sustainable future for the human race and all the wildlife and there’s much work to be done. POWER UP!

  8. Patrick & Terri says:

    The future is there waiting for us all. Grab it, hold onto it, even if it is still just a dream. Some dreams are taking place in front of each and every one of you. Have you ever noticed how others are when your in the public? They seem to feel the vibrtations that something really powerful just entered the area when you walk into any room or place of being. Here in Joliet, Illinois, that had been a usual from my own life the way things had been, then came NEO-TECH in my life and it was like being pumped with the most potent of fuels and wisdom. Have enough wisdom to know when to restrain your words as well with the ability to reconcile the differences. Sometimes and apology is the easiest, yet sometimes you have to know how powerful you became and must learn control of oneself, that was difficult for me, so I had made amends to those that deserved it, and I hold onto those value producers as they know what I was going through, and we all held on, even all of you and we became strong from the inside out. Everything is possible, and there is a course of greatness in each and every man woman and child. Yet when time passed everyone began seeing the real value I had as welll a value in NEO-TECH SOCIETY. I have my dreams taking place now as each and everyone of you do as well. And each and every day you’ll notice as I had an improvement in your outlook on life and the one’s you love and whom you are with. Other family members usually have a little bit of difficulty to adjusting to such powerful feelings and power as it is, yet they do adjust. I can admit I am sure there may had been a few out there that had stuggles, yet you held on and worked through the struggles a little at a time just from knowing your own works and your own thoughts were perfect… and remained optimistic and positive of those around you and yourself becasue of how you think and your honesty and brilliant minds. It takes a very unique man or woman to be in such a powerful feeling, and it also takes time to keep the pace and never give up until everything has been achieved. Here I found love and found my path in this town as well as Cresthill and Wilmington, Illinois, and out here there is a class of humans that do know how to adjust to everything, it is no different then the weather. And the weather can be a challenge yet it never will break you if you remain wise and strong minded and always concern yourself of the well beings of those of whom you love and those in NEO-TECH SOCIETY as well. We are very special type of human beings, we really are…NEO-TECH SOCIETY & NTWARRIORS & GIN.

  9. Gilbert P. Oliver says:

    Hello everyone,Greetings: This is the first time for me at Neothink Radio. I recently tuned in and I love it, you are doing a great job. I am a level 9 apprentice and want to ask if one of you can help me reach my child of the past, I have tried all I know. Perhaps I not doing it right. Please help me if you can. Sincerelly Gilbert P. Oliver

  10. Larry S. says:

    I just received some literature from Mark Hamilton. He is my mentor and such a good teacher, Thank you thank you thank you for your wonderful book. I have already read it an it is supberb.

    Larry S.

  11. Hello. Neothink Society Members. I have been studying the Neothink Literature for quite sometime now, still trying to piece it altogether in place of my dreams and my goals and how it would enhance my vision as an missionary. Do give me an reply of whether or not I’m embarking in the right direction.

  12. Roy James says:

    Hello fellow Neothinkers. Like many of you, I am a new member feeling my way around in this new world we call Neothink. Yes, it is a big world…a world full of change. Change is scary, but this is change for good. Fear is the greatest motivating force on Earth. Don’t run away from it. Tap into it. Make it work for you. Mark is a great teacher. And, if you have not read the story of Miss Annabelle yet, you are going to be in for a treat. We are on a wonderful journey, Neothinkers. Be brave.

  13. Roy James says:

    This is correct.

  14. Roy James says:

    Our society offers so much. I want to thank Mark. He is a great teacher and motivator. My Friday Night Essence is that of a writer. Now, with the help of Neothink, I will go into action.

  15. Brian Lucy says:

    I would like to know a little more information on opening up a clubhouse and meeting with like-minded people in Colorado

  16. Ron Jackson says:

    The ideas and ideals put forth my Mark Hamilton and in the books are realistic and reasonable. Some skeptics you might find on Google search just don’t realize what the possibilities. I am looking forward to this world, where we who are like-minded can live the lives we were meant to live…..lives of creativity, success, wealth, love, and achieving our fullest potentials. This will happen and it will happen for those who are involved in the Society. So let the skeptics be skeptical, but they will soon see that our lives don’t have to be stuck in a rut of meaningless slavery, boredom, and depression.

  17. Ron Jackson says:

    I meant to put …what the possibilities are.

  18. Tommy says:

    This sounds great moving forward as we all moving towards building and growing our NeoThink Society….

    It is my great pleasure to be of the group and may 50Million more people read The TVP platform and Prime Law…

    I look forward towards NT Warriors and contribute….

  19. we are civiltitian of the universe as mentor self leader salvatore vaccaro from italy ,naples thank yuo to mark hamilton for every study i have the course with him 12 levelt to be mentor thank yuo
    salvatore vaccaro

  20. Ogden Raafi says:

    To all souls of this magnificent earth. As we are nearly at the end of 2015 and about to enter 2016, I am thankful to Mark Hamilton for providing intellectual nourishment for the “prosperity and happiness” of all conscious life. I have been developing character and continuously becoming spiritually advanced. I hope the upcoming year will be fulfilled, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually for all of us. We have some challenging work ahead, to establish the Twelve Visions World, there by, making life better for self, others and society. May our collective efforts be exalted, and continuously evolve.

  21. Kevin Reed says:

    Well friends here it is the beginning of march 2017. We’re in the first 100 days of our new President Donald Trump he’s been working hard to get the Agenda for the people done even though I’m a Conservative Libertarian, I could tell you he’s been working really hard. He looked tired the night before the State of the Union address He touched on quite a few things that I’ve been talking about for years. We’ve finally got our Businessman President. And people can see in the near future the puzzle pieces of a good businessman. Expect in the near future jobs being fitted to the person but, first we must teach our teachers how to spot our children’s interests their essences so to speak! while their young.
    When I was in elementary school I remember my teachers were checking the students through an exercise to find the students who were not camera shy! Just to think that the Brady Bunch came out the following year.
    I believe that our professors forgot how to teach teachers. How to teach! If a child has a look on his or her face like a question on their mind the teacher has to call on the child and address the child’s concern or question. and it must be iterated that there is no stupid question.
    I realized when I was reading. That! There was a lot of history that has been reminisced. I learned a lot of it in school. I’m learning a bit of business which I need if I’m going to start my own business. I have to say I’m absorbing a lot.. With the twelve visions I have to thank you Mark Hamilton for the lessons in your books

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