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Mark Hamilton's Neothink RadioNTR NeoThink® Radio Network News

…On the road to the White House with the Twelve Visions Party…

Hello Family, this is Kjelene, Producer of NTR. We have a new host for the radio show and his name is Steve Fagan! Steve has taken the show to another stimulating level. When the media comes knocking on NTR’s door, (and you know it will) I know that Steve, with his passion and knowledge of the Twelve Visions Party will be our perfect representative.

I have uploaded all of our past shows at NTR’s web site. At the top of the page click on Show Archives. www.neothinkradio.com

Great news! NTR has just secured another 13 weeks on News Talk KFNX in Phoenix, AZ!  The show airs from the station and streams from their web site, Sunday’s from 11:05pm-12:00am. www.1100kfnx.com

Thank you to all of our first 13 week sponsors! We are securing more sponsors at this time!

Congratulations again to Steve Fagan and the National Officers of the TVP.

They all sound great on the radio!

We have more exciting news to share with you!

On May 30th NTR will broadcast a very unique show!

Author,Visionary and Founder of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, Mr.Mark Hamilton,will be giving us some key information in his “Hamilton Speech”. His speech will be followed up with an interview on another show. After you listen to the “Hamilton Speech” send in your questions, comments or brief testimonials that we  may include in the upcoming interview! How exciting!!!

NTR…on the road to the White House with the Twelve Visions Party!

Love you all! Stay tuned!


Kjelene Magnell Bertrand
Producer,  NTR NeoThink® Radio Network

The School of Geniuses

Extra-curricular activities are happening with the School of Geniuses.  The Vision 10 Program, hosted by four smart beautiful Neothink® Ladies continues for previous students of Series 1 – 4.

Several classmates prepared the Self-Leader System audio recording recently.  Those of you who have participated in Series 1 – 4 will automatically receive this bonus near the Memorial Day Holiday.

Please listen to it in preparation for the next interactive series.  We encourage those who have completed Series 1 – 4 to become active in the Vision 10 program by sending an email to mentorfeedback@gmail.com with a request for the next interactive conference call.

Others who have not participated in the School of Geniuses have an opportunity to receive a free audio to glimpse into the school during an upcoming Wednesday night call.  Be sure to remain active on the Wednesday Night calls so you don’t miss it.

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  1. robin says:

    Great job Kjelene, Steve, and to all others thanks for your efferts

  2. Kjelene says:

    As of 12/05/2012 NTR Radio Network has been updated…please visit the site. Also we do not air our show on KFNX any longer. We air on KCAA and KTAE Radio. KCAA is based in the state of California and KTAE in Texas. More changes are coming…please stay tuned!!! Let me know what you’d like to hear on NTR Radio Network…feel free to email.

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