Tuesday Night Heirloom Review Call

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Hello once again fans of the HRC (Heirloom Review Call).

We have nearly completed the Volume One within “The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets” large heirloom, also known as Volume One – The Self-Capture Secrets section in “SOS Secrets” mini-heirloom.

In this section of lessons we have learned how use the mini-day / power thinking system to gain control over our time, making us more effective in our work lives while also gaining more time for our personal lives.

During the past month you have heard guest stars Mike Ginther, Steve Fagan, and many others help us to better understand the iron grip control gained by the use of these valuable tools.

In the next ten weeks, we will be exploring Volume Two “The Company-Capture Discovery” in the large heirloom “The Nouveau Tech Package of Inside Secrets” and Volume Two – The Company Capture Secrets in the mini-heirlooms.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur with one or more businesses of your own, want to climb the ladder where you work, or want to burst forth with your own company of essence sometime soon, I would highly encourage you to attend the HRC each and every Tuesday at 9pm EST / 6 pm PST, LIVE on the National Call line,  949-333-4806  Pin 256015#, or via simulcast on the web!

Join us and a wide variety of the Neo-think family while we discover and share our experiences with the Company Capture Secrets.

Steven and his team look forward to hearing you there!

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  1. Betty Larson says:

    still reading – enjoyed the information.

  2. jorge gonzalez says:

    Have a couple of questions for mark hamiton if he’s not to busy.email is lyrisasin@yahoo.com

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