Heirloom Review Tuesday Evening Call…

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Heirloom Review Tuesday Evening Call…

I am pleased to say that Steven Hinz is now one month into the newly reformatted Heirloom Review call, and all is going well! He has worked out all the glitches and he and his team are now full steam ahead.

When joining the call you will see Steven and his faithful Neothink® assistant, Sharyn Hopp, have produced this call just like an entertaining (and educational) talk show, including; guest stars, music, and oh yeah, we learn too! The focus of this call is to review, absorb, and implement the NT principals taught in the Prime Literature written by Mark Hamilton, Frank R Wallace, and others.

With this newly constructed and tightly controlled schedule, the call’s focus is squarely placed where it should be, on the Heirlooms!

Each week, there is an easy assignment. The following week, that assignment is reviewed in a fun filled, focused, and interactive one hour format allowing all of you, busy creators, to get back to your lives and projects of essence.

Then, for those of you that stay on for the “After Call” segment. You will find Steven and his guest star take a step back, relax, and talk about the guest, and how they are using Neothink in their lives. Here we get a personal look into the lives of our Neothink mentors, how they have used this knowledge, what they are working on now, and where can we finally meet them in real life!

If you have been meaning to dive back into the heirlooms or if you are going through them for the very first time this call will help you work out any kinks, going step by step with you, and helping you implement these wealth creating principles into your lives. You are highly encouraged to attend this call. Who knows, you may even be win something!

Yes that’s right! Steven Hinz is the first Neothink host to have give-a-ways on his call! So far, his show has given away autographed NT t-shirts, autographed limited edition prints from NT artists around the world, and once each month in 2010 his first call sponsor Gary Montigue, has promised to give away one Excel based Mini-day/Power Thinking System. This system is the first product to be fully endorsed by Mark Hamilton and worth it’s weight in gold!

Whether, you are a first timer, seasoned mentor, or NT Business Alliance member with a product to promote, this call will give you the opportunity to learn, be entertained, promote NT products and get great Neothink® tools, products and services. You are highly encouraged to take full advantage of Steven’s call each and every Tuesday at 9pm EST / 6 pm PST LIVE on the National Call line, 949-333-4806 Pin 256015#, or via simulcast on the web!

Steven and his team look forward to hearing you there!

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  1. Loren Taylor says:

    After reading this article, I wanted to listen to your call right away. Of course, since it was Saturday, and not Tuesday, listening live was not an option. So, in addition to the phone number and pin you provide at the end of your article, you might want to provide the recording links for all the calls, which have occurred since the previous newspaper went out.
    Links, such as ttp://AttendThisEvent.com/?eventid=10438752 (the link to your January 12 call), are not that hard to find; but I think the odds of someone listening would be improved if the opportunity to do so, was just a click away.

  2. Steven Hinz says:

    Thanks for the great suggestion! since I did not see this until after my latest submission, I will begin that in the April publication! Thanks again!


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