Come join my dream…

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Neothink Society HeirloomCome join my dream…

Most of you probably don’t know but, like you, I read these heirlooms about 5 -6 years ago, and of course, like you, they changed my life. Like many of you I insta-acted on a lot of what I learned in “the books” and saw HUGE business growth from it.

Me 5 years ago (age 34)…

Externally, I am fantastic! BUT, my internal struggle is another story… I am in a “happy” relationship for nearly 14 years, I have about a dozen rental properties, and I want to grow the business. I am battling weight gain, on and off, working out, eating right and falling off the wagon. I am going out to the bar to be with “friends” and be in what I think is my crowd, when I can. I am growing less satisfied with my seemingly stifled business success, my relationship, and my life’s direction. It seems like everything and everyone wants me to just “sit down and shut up”. No matter where I turn, “You can’t do that!” “Don’t rock the boat.” People around me are negative and trying to make me, “Mr. Fantastic”, just like them.

Then I get a BIG BLACK “phone book”!  WOW!  TSM’s ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!

I found that the things I used to do and the people that I used to associate with that were time wasters seemed to fall away from my life. It was a steady series of changes that has turned me into a totally different person.

Me now (age 39)…

I am truly happy more of the time.  Most of the time wasters have fallen away from my life. I have broken off my not so happy 14 year relationship. My ‘ex “ and I are still friends and business partners. But NOW, I am free to grow in any and all directions I choose. I no longer struggle with weight, I eat ALL THE TIME now. I love to eat great food…. What’s changed??? My definition of great food has changed! Now, I am one of those “granola people”. I eat whole grains, un processed foods, I garden, can and, cook my own organic foods. I eat grass fed beef, chicken and even pork on occasion. I eat only organic, cage free eggs, sea salt, Amish rolled butter, and lots of it! I make an honest effort to work out when I can. I am learning yoga, I will run for a while then let it go for a while until I pick it up again. Sometimes I lift weights, but not so much… They are just so darn heavy, lol!   I no longer wish to go to the bar. After all the music is not what it used to be and the liquor is “dimming my light”, lowering my energy, making my brain fuzzy. I want to think my thoughts now, I don’t want fuzzy. Simple really, generally… booze = NO TSMs.

My business has soared. I made my mistakes, then taken back controls from neo-cheaters, and I am rebuilding again stronger than before. I learned a lot in the last 5 years., a lot about myself and other people. I now see through many more illusions than before. I can see situations coming before they reach me and I can duck out of the way and avoid them all together. I have begun to figure out who to listen to and who not to. In short, I have surrounded myself with new friends and it is true… You become the average of your five closest friends. And boy do I have awesome friends! The most amazing thing… they genuinely accept “little ol’ flawed me as a friend. Honestly, I always expected it but, now that it’s happening, I can’t help but think, “I don’t want this dream to end”.

MY point???

Come, join the dream! Whether this is your first reading of these amazing books or a re-read like me. The Ten Second Miracles are flowing! It all starts in these books. After that, a little insta-act ,and then the rest is getting out of your own darn way!

So get out of your own way and join me and my friends on the  Heirloom Review Call every Tuesday at 9pm EST / 6 pm PST LIVE on the National Call line,  949-333-4806  Pin 256015#, or via simulcast on the web. Leaders are readers. So, join me on what began the best reading of my life!

Have a Fantastic Day!

Steven Hinz

6 Responses for “Come join my dream…”

  1. John Dunn says:

    Thanks for sharing. I too just recently received the “phone book” and have dug into about half of it and start seeing my “insta-acting” going on in life. Today I had a Deja Vu (for about the 20th time in life) and i instantly knew it was my trusty old right brain working in harmony and slightly ahead of my clunky left brain. I am learning to question everything in an organic and helpful way, not just to question and never left feeling there is no answer. There is an answer to everything and it feels great on the road to uncover-y. I am excited to meet with other minds and will join the call soon. For now I just want to reassure all that have thought about the possibility of this being true, that it is in fact true. But like all water, horses can only be led to look at it. Picking up and reading the water- or book- requires volition. But at least as humans we can always say we tried.

    So if you are on the fence, so was I. And if you have read it but don’t get it, try allowing it to happen.


  2. Larisa says:

    This is amazing retrospect and resonate very well with my experience. I too received the invitation when I was in troubled/normal times of my life about 6 years ago. I was working full time as post-doc researcher, battled with postpartum depression and psychosis for almost a year and just started a high-tech company on the side. I read Almost whole book and took it to heart. The ideas were easy to understand and so simple and appealing to me (but not to many of people around me). It gave me courage to be bold and deal with negative people in my life. In few month I got a phone call to do consulting in Phillippines for my start up. I went twice, got some start up money from that and business contacts. In a year I also got job offer and now work for private research company in TX, which philosophy resonate with NT principles. My side company is also slowly growing. I ordered 2 other books since then but in a turbulent times actually did not read them. They still help, as I skim through and get ideas for current problems. They are timely, like Mrs Anabell secrets came when I had troubles with my kid in public school, I put all my efforts to find system working for her, and I did. She is now thriving in charter school promoting project-based education and mind-mapping techniques since kindergarten. I have to go back and re-read all books, they became like bible to me.

  3. carolyn trinca says:

    I am a newbie. I will follow and learn from my Mentor. I will grow, mentally. I have read and continue to re-read books. Mrs Anabell section/book was awesome.
    Some of the ideas I remember hearing from my grandfather and father. I feel very blessed.

  4. tuan thai says:

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  5. Davies Kapembwa says:

    It feels nice to emulate your ways but for circumstances such as region and finances.

  6. GORDON TODD says:


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