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Members Services

You can’t go wrong playing at Neothink® Member Services.

It seems that you can almost tell just by the way people answer the phone if they are ready for the C of U or not.

Most people are so gracious when they hear me say, “good morning, I’m John from the Neothink® Society returning your call, how are you today”. I am so happy to talk to anyone in this society. My new FNE is getting members hooked up with their local clubhouses.

I am also thrilled to get new and not so new members on our daily teleconferences that many members don’t even know about . I do not use any pre-written scripts. I just talk to the members about my own experiences. And I listen to theirs.

Many members I call are confused about the different level meetings and about their mentor. I happily explain we have all kinds of meetings, not just monthly apprentice meetings with Mr. Mark Hamilton. Most are amazed at all we have to offer. Many have had only the prime literature for a very long time. Everybody wants to be more involved in our society.

Sometimes I get calls from people who were chosen to receive a marketing letter from the society and this is where I get to practice my personal DTC. I want to stimulate their thoughts, not educate them. Or maybe I will simply assist them with purchasing the literature.

Again, there are no scripts here just integrations. Sometimes I even get to call members in my local area and try to entice them to my clubhouse.

I look forward to my mini-day of phone calls to help other members in our integrated society. I am just so happy doing this.( downstream focus I guess). Even though I am not hi-tech, I don’t let that stop me.

I think I am growing and look forward to our power-thinking meetings. I would hate to miss even one of them.

I firmly believe this service is a great value creation, and it is my honor and a privilege to be associated with everyone involved in this wonderful service for our membership.

A Value Created

I want to share an insight with you into a recent value which has been created
within The Neothink® Society.

The value that I am writing about is the service known as Neothink® Member Services.

Since I have been a part of this program I have had the pleasure of helping my fellow members and the joy of helping new members find great value in Neothink®.

One thing I did not foresee at first was the ways in which I myself gained value in the form of building my own integrations.

You see in helping others find value in our Society I gained a much more clear view of these values myself. This was not something that I had thought about when I became involved with Neothink® Member Services.

None the less it is a pure example of value reflection!

Living life plugged in, hearing the bells ringing resounding the arrival of a new day!
I enjoy answering the call from those searching for a connection to the people who want to bring about that “call” from within.
We all here reading this newsletter are now connected and many are now wanting to connect with us, join with us, to bring about the future the way it was meant to be.
I am proud to answer these calls, calling into Member Services for our assurance and camaraderie.

35 Responses for “Members Services”

  1. robin says:

    interested in neothink society..plesa send some info

  2. Connie says:

    Any Club Houses in Lancaster, Ca.?

    Thank you

  3. Connie says:

    Could you kindly provide me with he location of a Club House and a Business Alliance in Lancaster, Ca. Please?

    Thank you.

  4. A Media Guy says:

    I have forwarded your request to our Members Service Team at: or
    call 1-800-480-2336

  5. A Media Guy says:

    Your request was forwarded to our Members Service Team at: or
    call 1-800-480-2336

  6. Rey says:

    Rey has a close associate and close friends that need to become members. However, Rey is weeks or months from creating his own LLC due to other obligations and present economic conditions. I need a top caliber member that can deal with a high ranking military officer as well as a coupe of executives. Those looking to recruit them must have the credentials whereby neither the candidate members or the recruiting members would feel out of their mutual elemnt. If interested in recruiting Rey’s close contacts, please e-mail me or have Mark Hamilton make the decision as to who should deal with this asignment. One has been totally primed and ready to become one of us.

  7. Belinda says:

    1.) Hi my name is Belinda Campos and I would like to start my monthly membership with the Neothink website.

    2.) I’m also interested in assisting with Rey’s question.
    I’m a sole proprietor for “BMC Administrative Services” yet I have just acquired information that I can apply for my LLC license in Nevada and this would allow
    me to act as an LLC in California.

    Feel free to contact me via my cellular phone at (626) 500-9303
    if you have any further questions.
    Thank you!!!!

    Warm Regards,
    Belinda Campos

  8. Bill Juarbe says:

    I’m interested in hosting a chapter in Denver Metro area. I would also like to work part time with scientific researchers who are Neo tech members in my area if possible. If there are openings on A-team or Gold team I would like to participate. Thanks

  9. A Media Guy says:

    Bill, I have forwarded your request to our Members Service Team at: or
    call 1-800-480-2336

  10. Sanford W. Cramer 3rd says:

    Any club houses and church of God Man in Victorville CA? If not can I start
    both out here?

  11. Brenda Torres says:

    Hi, I just watched the level #14 meeting with Steve Repella, Steve and Mike, good stuff…. I would love to know where I could go for level #13? Please do email me the information at

  12. Joshua A. Deitas says:

    Level #14 is awesome. Just listening to Mike Ginder, Steve Repella, and Steve Fagan is awesome. Yes, I would like to get Level #13, too.

  13. Victoria says:

    I have been apart of NeoTech for some time now. I regret not being able to continue membship to be able to stay on the website. So I am very grateful to this news paper. Recently moved to San Antonio, TX I hope to attend a physical club house meeting soon.

  14. JoAnn Cooksey Selmont says:

    I am in Level six, live in Wasilla, Alaska and I received my first letter (that one I ignored) then the second letter got my attention in December ’08. For many years I have been creating the NUMEROLOGICAL SCIENCE ANALYSES–13 NOW. Tonight I saw Level 14 Video and it was so rewarding to me (of course the information) to SEE THE FACES of the so familiar names. I THANK ALL OF YOU.
    I do not have a personal website–not yet.

  15. First of all…I am deaf person and member for NeoThink, (User ID: IK3Patricia) I live North-East Texas (Chicota, Texas) I continues working on 13-Moon Natural Time Calendar (includes Gregorian Calendar). My goal is gather deaf, hard-of-hearing people (Hearing people are very welcome, and hope any body know how to use in sign-language will be great benefits such as interpretor or make quick phone call, etc. for the workshop and clubhouse) Okay, I want for you or who ever will help me… IN CASE if you found any body who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, and people know how use in sign language, please call me, (two weeks, ago I go my new phone number from i711 Relay Service) You can call me and Relay Service will contact me then I will call back as soon as possible, Thank you and My New Phone Number is: 903-732-6225. I have never try this before for practice please call me and I want to see how things goes with success or not, again thank you…

  16. JR says:

    From Colorado. . . Are you all into the Sovereignty or strawman system of business?

  17. vicente san martin jr says:

    i just want to say that i have enjoy being part of this and to say the less their is power growing in me i do not have the words to tell all of you but it is their in me this is not the right word but i can feel it inside me and all i can say is wow every thing i did read was true last night i went out to eat and i could read poeple like they where a book and i am like no way but i know that is the power working in me by the way name is vicente san martin jr from portland oregon

  18. Stanley B. Yeldell says:

    I do not have a website. I would like to be able to talk to someone with member services so I can get more involved. I have not talked to anyone since I became a member. I hope this message reach some. My cell phone number is 609-238-7532

  19. Vicki Jean Byrd says:

    I am still awaiting my next level of Apprentice AZ mentoring. I have completed level 10 but nothing has come to me since? Are their level 14’s for me? instruct me on how to get my business into the alliance I have been asking for 10 months?

  20. Lou Gonzaga says:

    Any club houses in MA or NY

  21. Kerry says:

    Hi I am looking for any club house in the Austin or San Antoino Texas area, where I can meet Neo-tech “like minded” people? Thank you for your help.

  22. JoAnn Cooksey Selmont says:

    Hi, I would like to know more NeoThink Members of the Wasilla Alaska area, I have met only 2 people and the closest is about 20 icy miles away. Mike S. works a 1000 miles North and Warren R lives about that same distance. Warren says there’s an A-Team (I missed the conference call–my fault).

    I really desire to interact with NeoThink People here. I am in the phone book also check with the Wasilla Senior Center and you can find me.

  23. FYI, If you’re looking to connect with your local Clubhouse in the State of Michigan, please contact and we’ll get you started in the right direction!

  24. Hello, I am glad to be reading the online “News Letter” it’s refreshing. One of the things needed for me is to join the monthly membership as I could benefit more from it. Also, Is there a Club House in the Santa Rosa, Ca. area? I live in this town and it would be most benificial to me.
    Problem is, I have so much more reading to do in the big books and I admit I’ve back slided on those, sorry! (As the saying goes) “Life is so daily”
    I will be doing more catching up daily and I really appreciate being in this as a new member.
    I appreciate everyone’s help and positive energy also!
    Thank you!

  25. puhisue says:

    count me in nt warriors

  26. Darren Watkins says:

    Please send me a customer service phone number?

  27. james critcher says:

    hello just reading the letters in the news enjoying all of them . i am learning like a child taking the first step.i believe in the neuveau tech society sorry i dont have a web site yet . i do plan to get all i need to do my part if i make that far sincerely james

  28. Glen Fanelli says:

    Hi, I am looking for a clubhouse near Livingston, Alabama and was wondering if there are any in Alabama or Mississippi so I can connect with others who believe in Neothink as I do. Please feel free to contact me.


  29. Leila says:

    I moved to Milan, Italy , by the end of March I should live in Cannes, France, any members???? any ideas for Neothink there? You can get in contact with me through e-mail: Take care and keep up the good work. Lots of luck to everyone,

  30. james critcher says:

    sorry i dont have a web site yet james

  31. Jim says:

    Great source of inspiration/information with neothink news. I enjoy reading the articles and learning from the integrations. Great work !

  32. bob oelke says:

    i would like to know if there any club houses in eastern oregon

  33. Robert Pease says:

    Are there any club houses near Waco TX Thanks Robert Pease

  34. jorge gonzalez says:

    i have my kids mother who recieved the heirloom packages. it said for her and decendents,ive read the first book Neothink halfway through the super puzzle, for some reason we starting drifting apart.the first book that i read gave me the energy to believe in myself and do my hip hop music that ive been doing for years but know im more focus on it,the thing is shes invited to those meetings.But for some reason ifeel i should be there two but i guess it wasnt meant to happen, i just got this feeling inside me that im going be on top one day,and be stuck in a dead end job the rest of my life.but still u guys contacted her and not me.thanks for the opportunity at least i got to read the literature.p.s im still gonna be on top regardless,people are going to know my name

  35. Donald T Cook says:

    I just want to say that i am getting more envolved with Neothink

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