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Welcome to Neothink® News

Welcome to the Historic debut issue of “NT News”, the official newsletter of the Neothink® Society.

My name is Jim Rizen and I will be your tour guide on this maiden voyage into the inner recesses of our amazing society we are all creating.

The purpose of this newsletter is very simple.

1)    Keep all members informed and up to date with the Neothink® Society

2)    Be a powerful resource all members can draw from

3)  Be a force for advancing the goals we all share here in the Neothink® Society

In addition, this newsletter will strive to be entertaining and enlightening as each issue will showcase current events, timely articles, member spotlights and more.

Most importantly, we want this newsletter to be a major resource for all of you, the members, because if not for you we wouldn’t even be here.

So let’s get right into the meat of this issue.

July 2009 will go down in history as the inaugural TVP national convention is held in Chicago, Ill. July 17-19

If you haven’t secured your spot yet you better hurry as time is running out.

In addition to the convention events already planned, it has just been confirmed a very special guest speaker will be on hand to really kick things up a few thousand notches!

You won’t want to miss it.

Click the link to get the full scoop on TVP 2009… http://tvpnc.org/conventionsmeetings.html

Also, a great new resource to get familiar with is the new “member services,”  a one stop solution for any questions or concerns you may have.

You will now have an opportunity to ask your questions and speak directly (how rare is that these days?) with one of the many senior members who are equipped to assist you in your quest for answers.

You can take advantage of this service in two ways.

First, contact “member services” http://www.neothinkmembers.com/members-services/index.html to request support or get the information you are looking for.

Second, when you feel ready and desire to become more involved with the society, you yourself may become a “virtual” mentor and assist others by contributing your time and experience.

There are many benefits available for you by doing so.

Read and hear what others have to say about the new “member services” resource and their experiences assisting other members. [link]

Also,  make sure you take full advantage of the weekly Heirloom Review teleconferences [link], the weekly National A-team/clubhouse meetings [link] and check out the up and coming Neothink® Business Alliance [link]

Another valuable resource for members is our own blog team pumping out all kinds of interesting articles and insights. Come and see integrating minds in action and don’t forget to add your comments before you leave. Click here for an overview of the Neothink® Essence blog site. Find them at http://www.neothinkessence.com

We will be evolving over time here at NTNews to bring fresh and exciting values and benefits to our  cherished members and want you to be involved.

So remember, give us your thoughts and ideas. Let us know what you want and we will do our best to deliver it. editor@neothinknews.com

To paraphrase and restate a famous quote; “Ask what your NTNews can do for you, and ask what you can do for your NTNews.”

It’s a win-win situation, for you.

All the Best,

Your Editor

7 Responses for “Welcome to Neothink® News”

  1. Elizabeth T says:

    This is so awesome. It really helps me feel connected to Neothink! The happiness I have found since being a member, is unmeasurable. Thanks to everyone!

  2. Belinda says:

    Thank you! =) I am deeply grateful to able to recieve Neothink information via the web. Have a wonderful day and thank you so very much once again!!!! =)

  3. Lloyd W says:

    Glad to see it! Now, more than ever before, is the time for Neothink to become widely known!

  4. IC says:

    I am glad to be able to get the news. I had problems getting any info. I can now catch up.

  5. Arthur Bartley says:

    I am very impressed with the progress that being made, I am happy to be connected to this great Society, much thanks to those that are making things happen and taking the intiative to lead the society forward, much thanks and appreciation for our invaluable Mentor Mark Hamilton

  6. I need contact someone or anyone can help me and let me know can I tell non-member about this Newspaper, NeoThink Society? Do I have referral address for Newspaper? And, I plan place this Newspaper on my website and what is the address for them loggin? Please write me by email, Thank you. I email them now three emails no one respond to my question only one is about for me to loggin for this newspaper two days ago. (I think) so now I am use this comment try to get anyone attend. Can I tell public about this newspaper and what is the address for them to sign up as subscriber? Okay, I am waiting on you.

  7. Patrick & Terri says:

    Wow! An on line newspaper! This is amazing, Neo-Think has it’s own newspaper. At least now there is one newspaper that will have accuracy and intelligence and a newspaper that offers a human footprint that is more defined then all the other news papers, and one that benefits each man and woman on this Earth. I wonder if I can write an article and get published in this newspaper and how can I?

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