TVP New Jersey’s State Convention: A Smashing Success!

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Twelve Visions PartyTVP New Jersey’s State Convention: A Smashing Success!

On March 20th 2010 the state of New Jersey held its 2nd annual state convention at the historic Newark Symphony Hall in Newark New Jersey. Neothink® members came from all over the country to celebrate another milestone on the road to the Whitehouse. As the first state to become affiliated, New Jersey has been forging ahead with new breakthroughs and accomplishments. Congratulations team New Jersey on another victory in the war on initiatory force!

National officers Michael Dilworth, Steve Fagan, Karlton Roberts, Bill Hunsicker, Larry Wert, and Tom Carey were in attendance as nearly 100 Neothinkers accompanied them. What incredible energy the room had! And what a superb job the chairman of the convention, Larry Johnson did with moving the day along and orchestrating the different segments.

Every essence of the Neothink® Society was represented at the convention. Steve Fagan gave an enlightening overview of the different puzzle pieces of the Society which communicated the “big picture” very well. TVP Chairman Michael Dilworth gave an incredibly passionate speech on what the Twelve Visions Party® is and why it is desperately needed in this country. The party is headed straight to the Whitehouse under his leadership. Thank you Michael Dilworth!

Bill Hunsicker also delivered a great speech by delving into some of the nitty gritty inner-workings of the only party for the people. And a round table questions and answers period with the national officers provided some much needed and very valuable interaction between our national team and the attendees.

The Business Alliance also made a commanding presence. Rick Mabe delivered a high impact Powerpoint presentation on the essence of the Neothink® Business Alliance.  It was quite easy for all to see that his passion for business and love for building the Society is undeniable. Several Business Alliance businesses and artists shared their products and services which gave the whole day a feeling of community and value exchange.

One of the highlights of the day was hearing from Mark Hamilton’s right hand man, Steve Rapella. Mr. Rapella gave an insightful presentation on the forward movement of the Society and TVP and helped everyone get a better understanding of who Mark Hamilton is and how fortunate we all are to be involved with his creations.

That understanding was topped off by a video from Mark Hamilton himself congratulating team New Jersey, giving guidance and delivering an incredible announcement: the Association For Curing Aging is being launched! Mark’s video can be viewed at: With the Neothink® Society growing rapidly and with TVP off and running, this third major puzzle piece of the Supperpuzzle is now set in motion!

What an incredible day for value reflection! To help reflect on these historic values, the Neothink® Artists made a huge presence. Under the direction of myself, Jeff Smith and my good friend Steve LaValley, the artists over delivered by giving phenomenal music and poetry performances, sharing amazing paintings and prints, and offering clothing and TVP merchandise.

It was indeed a day to remember. The momentum of the entire Society has been given a wonderful boost thanks to the hard work and effort of TVP New Jersey: special thank you’s go to Steve Fagan, Bill Hunsicker, Peggy Hunsicker, Larry Johnson, Royd Garcia, Willie Garcie, Bob McAffery, Sage Katakura, and the rest of the New Jersey team. TVP New Jersey’s website can be visited here:

Big Neothink® thank you’s also go out to Jill Reed, Adam Huntley, Kjelene Bertrand, Josh and Trenton Seymour, Mitch Mahoney as well as the many others who helped orchestrate this historic event. And of course thank you as well to all the attendees, Steve Rapella and Mark Hamilton. This event is not only increasing synergy and momentum throughout the entire Society, but is serving as great practice and experience for organizing the many upcoming TVP rallies and conventions.

By Jeff Smith

2 Responses for “TVP New Jersey’s State Convention: A Smashing Success!”

  1. Jill Reed says:

    What a great time we had. I am so proud to be part of such a loving circle of friends. To all who hosted, attended, participated, and watched the videos of the convention, we can do this! I know the gentleman, I met at the bus stop, will be looking for more from NJ! Go NJ! I look forward to candidates next as my son asked me, today, if we have any one running.

    Mark Hamilton and Steve Rapella thank you both for all that you do to gently guide us along to our C of U.

  2. Dennis says:

    This will give us a real option against the same old same old. Every time they promise “change you can believe in”, it is actually an attempt to destroy the original Constitution. Sure, we get change–toward bogus food “protection” bills, fake pandemics and fake energy crises, 10-digit inflation with 20% or more unemployment (while MY tax dollars go to prop the Dow), Codex Alimentarius, our sickness care bill, and whatever they can send to help the political systems in other nations that do not deserve it. And, protection for other nations against retaliatory or defensive use of force (which, unlike INITIATORY force, is allowed).

    I am hoping this gets going enough to unseat both of the major political parties. They have both had their chances. Republicans have let religion interfere with their jobs for too long. The “Democrats” are in favor of the government running everything, which did not work for Europe, Cuba, or anywhere else communism has been tried. People are fed up with both parties, especially now with this sickness care bill having been passed. I would like to see these stupid programs repealed, Wall Street forced to seek its own level (and if it’s zero, so be it), bad businesses go belly up while good garage upstarts take their places, and freedom to practice good medicine.

    As for the wars, I favor it only in cases of defense. I like the idea of not going to war just because the US initiates force against a country–while at the same time, knowing that anyone that initiates force against the US faces swift, harsh, and certain retaliation (and other nations will see that they cannot initiate force against us and hope to win).

    As soon as the Twelve Visions Party gets enough members to have candidates for political office, I intend to vote for them. Hopefully, so will enough other Americans so that both of the other parties will have to find real jobs.

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