The Twelve Visions World is Growing… come join us

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Twelve Visions PartyThe Twelve Visions World is Growing… come join us

Mark Hamilton’s Speech to America aired in Phoenix on May 30, 2010.  What a historic moment for all of us.  We follow a self-leader, leading us to do the same, who has shared his voice with radio listeners.   The speech makes it evident that we can no longer allow the Democrats and Republicans to control our lives.  He used a great metaphor that made his message clear enough for a 9 year old to understand.  If you have not yet listened to the speech please go to and search the “Show Archives”.    The last two weekly shows have featured National Officers and other Neothink® members discussing the speech with our host Steve Fagan as the host.

We currently have 6 states affiliated with the Twelve Visions Party® National, and  5 additional states working towards affiliate status.  The latest states complying with the national party are: New Jersey, California, Oregon, Connecticut, Georgia and Tennessee.

Additionally, we have Neothink Society® members in almost every state that have signed the Twelve Visions Party Contract indicating a willingness to assist with the forward movement of our party in compliance to the principles of the Prime Law.

Getting your state affiliated with national is much easier than you might think. All active members can find the resources and information they need at: Be part of this historic moment by acting now to set up your state as an affiliate and claim your spot in history.  Being a member of a small group of founding members of the wonderful Twelve Visions World brings you love, happiness, and pride.  Take a moment to ask yourself: “How can I add to this historic opportunity with my value creations?”

The Virginia Twelve Visions Party® convention was held on June 6, 2010.  It was well attended, and well organized by several members of the state officers and others who worked tirelessly to host the event.  Members came from several states to attend.  The surprise of the day was an interactive call with Mark Hamilton.   Congratulations to Nellie Hayse and all the visionaries of Virginia for a successful convention.  DVDs will be available soon and you can witness how “Technology soars” to make events a success!

For those of you who enjoy Facebook be sure to join the growing Twelve Visions Party® National Group at: Jill Reed posts videos nearly every day for integrating thoughts from the group.  You may also post integrating thoughts about TVP® and interact with the other 800+ members.  Please join us soon and tell your friends and family too!

The Sunday Night call continues to evolve with further integrations from our listeners, the panel, and, our Twelve Visions Party® National officers.  We are asking for raised hands during the panel discussion rather than hold questions to the end of the call.  This maintains timely content-relative interaction, and we thank you listeners for engaging in the dialogue.  Jill Reed is the host of the call and Jeff Smith is serving as a panel member.  Come join us to learn how much fun it is to de-politicize America!  This is not politics as usual and you might find your Friday Night Essence can assist with the forward movement of the Twelve Visions Party®.  Join us each Sunday at 4 PM Pacific – 7 PM Eastern by calling 614-384-5247 conference I. D. 832628#.

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  1. Dennis says:

    It is nice to see states like Virginia coming onboard. Virginia seems to be run by fundamentalist Christians: Until very recently, they had laws on the books making fornication a felony offense (it was stricken by the US Supreme Court). And, they have plenty of laws that can ensnare innocent people. Don’t believe me? Just try doing 81 MPH on a section of I85 where the speed limit is 70, and see what can happen.

    I also can’t wait for more populous states to join. California is already on board. Now, once the likes of Florida, Texas, New York, and those other states with growing populations join, they might get enough to take down our “president” and get some of those “changes we can believe in” undone before they become “changes we had better believe in if we value our lives”.

    Both of the parties are part responsible, but it seems to be the Democrats that are passing the most damaging regulations. Franklin Roosevelt got our welfare state started. Truman wasn’t much better. Johnson expanded welfare, and Carter started so many regulations that it’s a wonder the economy didn’t do even worse then. We had price regulations leading to gas shortages in 1979, when Bush let prices go up and we never got the shortages. And, Clinton was dishonest–he time bombed things to make himself look good.

    The Republicans are not wholly innocent, either. They are all too deeply involved with religion these days, and let it interfere with their jobs. Reagan did some good, and I can’t really fault Bush for the wars. Bush did, however, let his religion get in the way of things like gay rights (and individual rights, which would trump gay rights). And he didn’t really solve much in the way of getting the economy going sustainably.

    When Republicans go corrupt, they become Re-PUKE-licans and stay in power. When Democrats become corrupt, they become DUMP-o-CRAPs and stay in power. The Twelve Visions Party, unlike either of the other two parties, will not tolerate corruption among its members. If they become corrupt, they are disaffiliated and removed from power before they can ruin anything. Now, how’s THAT for change you truly can believe in–zero tolerance for political corruption?

  2. Ogden (Ennobler) says:

    Another exciting journey has just begun for me. On Aug. 15th. I started back to College after being away for nearly 25 years. This time I am determined to complete my education in Technology, namely, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Consentration: Soft ware Systems Engineering. What a blast!!! Thank you Neothink Society for all the support.

  3. DR.JC says:


  4. DR.JC says:


  5. Ogden (Ennobler) says:

    From the vantage point of ( L.O.V.E) Life Offering Values Exchange, I greet you. It’s been a few weeks since I expressed some of my thoughts. When I listened to the honorable Mark Hamilton on the video pertaining to “The Three Thousand Year Old Secret”, namely “The Prime Law” I began to clearly realize the meaning of some of the experiences I have had over the past, nearly 40 years. Questions in my consciousness that never were answered fully until I heard Mr. Hamilton carefully and methodically explain the position that all of us have been in, as a result of being ruled over by Mentally Incompetent people. I most definitely agree with Mr. Hamilton regarding “The Prime Law” and am doing what I can, from-moment-to-moment to help establish it in this world.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink Society(R) for the opportunity to be a contributing component in this grand reality.

  6. sherman yates says:

    I wish to establish TVP in Nebraska. I have already gotten the attention of more than 4,000 voters. You see, although I have never wanted to be a part of the current political arena, I have always known that this outdated system was given 2000 years to prove whether or not it could manage administrative competence from an executive platform. It has failed and will be replaced by the evolved Prime Law committee known as TVP. There has always been Prime Law activists: known as Law Givers. Mark, as a child I selected “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”. Before I would eat or do most anything, I would repeat to myself and sometimes aloud these words. Years later I began to experience an odd kind of safety. I have always known that this day would arrive. Now, I hope to install this new system of farming from which will grow new energy and water supply concepts; new transportation concepts that wil assist in the transistions necessary for the uprooting of domestic air travel for the purpose of solving all the problems incured through the use of this temporary form of domestic transportation. This is a 100% solution to air pollution and global warming. I need the assistance of all members, Mark. And, most of all I give you honor, not respect(mystical subversion ingredient) for recognizing in me what I have been, to be honest, unsure as to how or when I would ever meet that one person with the answer I needed for successful installation of this new system of farming; the hub of all commerce.

  7. sherman yates says:

    I forgot to inform you that I was told by Ne. social services that I had to prove my job search activities, so, I ran for congress. With only twelve letters sent to voters, I got 4,000 + votes. What do I have to do to get started in Nebraska. I want the opportunity.

  8. I am supportive of the aims and objectives TVP and its must expand to all part of the world

  9. Ogden Raafi says:

    Greetings everyone. From the point of realization that every living being on this planet has had to contend with and overcome a variety of events and circumstances, I realize that the only way to keep being victorious is to continue to live. We are all part of large entegrated mass (The Universe) which is in motion, and is what life is. With life offering value exchange, thank you.

  10. Ogden (Ennobler) says:

    Hi, to ALL
    I am continuing to apply Neothink(R) ideas to life circumstances and situations.One case in point is my continued efforts to preserve my participation in this valur oriented group. From the beginning of my entry into the Neothink Society I have had on-going oppositional challenges comming from unidintified sources, but sources that I believe that have lives saturated with envy. I believe that the only persons who woult even attempt to stop my progress are persons that have psychotic issues, that are unresolved. It is a pleasure for me to have the love and respect for integrated honesty that allows me to continue working to help establish the “C-of-U”.

  11. Craig says:

    So excited about my future… my mini-days are set up and I am beginning to pursue my essence. Been integrating Neothink on and off for many years – and have many of the original manuscripts. But it is only recently that I feel that I am overcoming deeper mysticism which was blocking my essence,

    I’m from the UK… so don’t know how I could help the 12 Visions Party… but would love to be involved somehow… perhaps the most honest way: is to simply peruse my own essence. Nearly ready to join the Neothink Society. It is also only recently that I am starting to feel detached from the anti-civilization…. but in an emotionally very happy way. I have been through some deep depression over the last few years… but am so happy know, that it doesn’t seem to matter. Thank you so much Mark Hamilton for what you are creating.

  12. Roy James says:

    The TVP is something I believe most would support if they knew more about it. Government regulation is killing our country. The Prime Law is necessary, and it would be effective. A Protection Only Budget is a wonderful feature. I would love to see these two ideas implemented. Neothinkers…we all need to get behind this. We can do our country a lot of good if we can get this done.

  13. Michael Troy says:

    Hi, I have very high sympathy for the “TVP The Prim Low” and to success have to got respect each other special the people who create The prime Low we have to work hard to success and the job is to great only the great People can put such job together i’m stay 100% behind Wish you the best to succession love you all .
    Best Regards
    Michael T.

  14. Ogden Raafi says:

    Greetings, Everyone
    It is with great pleasure that I post this missive. ‘Character Development and Enhancement’. The idea of making one’s character better is one of the significent things that ever take place. The process of adding values to one’s life is usually a multi-stage series of actions and events, over time. As for back as Ogden remembers his earlier years, he has enjoyed the experience of learning anything about things that interested him. From pre-school, through public school, tech-schools, colleges, religious and philosophical participation, and presently Neothink Society, Ogden has been building character for the purpose of being adept in any interest…whatever. In a “search for something more”, the search is ending and value production, protection, and creation is the order of present and future actions.

  15. Ogden Raafi says:

    others do the same.n I am thankful for the opportunity to express some of my essence in this form of wrten communication. I have been attending study sessions with members of the Neothink Society for several months, and am thankful to Dr Frank R Wallace and MarkHamilton, authors of the Neothink Prime Literature for the revelations of advantages and techniques that I have used to, first improve my life, and then beginto

  16. Ronald Hawkins says:

    How would one begin to bring a congregation or clubhouse to my area, and who could help begin the process? I am in Rhode Island. Neither is available.

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