The Twelve Visions Party: A Public Affair

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The Twelve Visions Party: A Public Affair

Twelve Visions PartyWednesday, November 18th 2009 is a historic date to be remembered for the rest of our lives! It is the day that Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society began reaching out to the general public to promote TVP. A newspaper ad in the Dallas Morning News was chosen as the first outlet to the general public. TVP Chairman Michael Dilworth has been working diligently along side Mark Hamilton to make this huge step for mankind a reality. Thank you Mr. Chairman and Mark Hamilton!

Using sound business dynamics, this ad sells a book…a tangible value that enlightens the reader on the amazing benefits of the Twelve Visions World. This book, entitled Wealth, Health, Peace is Mark Hamilton’s latest literary masterpiece and was created specifically as a tool to market the TVP.

Twelve Visions Party members around the world are rejoicing and congratulating each other on this landmark occasion. This milestone marks the first day of what will evolve into an aggressive mass marketing campaign of the best thing to ever hit politics!

As the marketing program for this book is tweaked, fine tuned and brought to its full potential, (just like the marketing for every Neothink product before it) one thing is certain: The TVP will be funded by sound business practices using the basic formula of first offering a real value to people in exchange for means to fund the party.

This is a major difference between TVP and traditional political parties. The Twelve Visions Party insists on first providing a trad-able value before receiving any money. TVP is indeed the only true pro-business political party. Business makes the world go around and as we go public with our wonderful creation, business men and women around the nation and eventually the world will recognize the immense value of the Prime Law and start jumping into the pool of support for TVP…So come on in Value Creators, the waters’ nice!

While this historic project was underway, the National Officers of TVP have been working on another wonderful creation: The Twelve Visions Party Training and Update Audio Series. These audio recordings teach Neothink members exactly how to get involved with TVP starting on an individual level. They explain the opportunities and needs of TVP on local and state levels and regional levels as well. So if you’re looking for ways to get involved such as helping your state get registered as an official affiliate of the National Twelve Visions Party, or learning how to integrate the TVP into your clubhouse, then these audio recordings are a gold mine of information!

And speaking of gold mines of information…The Party’s Platform has been revised and is posted on the website. Reading the platform is highly encouraged and allows members to more fully grasp the wide-scope agenda of the Twelve Visions Party.

The Platform is designed to spark interest in the reader and also makes for great conversation amongst people who have read it. The National TVP Education and Integration calls every Sunday are a good testament to this!

Naturally those reading the platform might have questions, comments and suggestions about it. So the TVP is proud to unveil a brand new value to accommodate this very need: On the website there is now a TVP forum for discussion, questions, comments, relaxed chat and debate! The forum is now open to members and the general public for posts and is moderated by National Officer Bill Hunsicker. So feel free to log on, sign up, post away and enjoy this fun new playground to your heart’s content!

Stay close to the Sunday TVP calls every 7PM Eastern/4PM Pacific for more updates and details on progress. The information for this call is: Phone Number: 614-384-5247 Access code 738300#.

Also every third Wednesday night call of the month is now dedicated to TVP. And of course you’re encouraged to join in the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the Saturday Ever-Loving TVP call with hosts Jill Reed and Kenneth Townsend. This call focuses on the creative essences of TVP and is growing in value every single week!

Saturdays at 11:30AM Eastern/8:30AM Pacific, you can tune in by calling 303-390-0043 and using access code 376958#. Come join in the fun on all the calls and share your smiling voices!

-Jeff Smith

2 Responses for “The Twelve Visions Party: A Public Affair”

  1. Ogden Raafi says:

    Best greetings to all. I am pleased to get another opportunity to link with all of you value oriented people. It has been a while since commenting, but I am still doing well. I am pleased to know of all the progress being made with the TVP.

  2. Lana Sanders says:

    I have read almost all of Mark Hamilton’s books. The last one was Ms. Annabelle Then my life got very complicated and tragic. The Wall Street Thief’s stole all of our Family Money in 2008 further confirming Mark’s philosophy of the Neo Cheaters. I have worked hard to get back on my feet, I had received a Nursing Degree years ago, but was in the family business for 25 years with my Mother after my Father died, very young, age 50…The Neo Cheaters drove him over the edge and he took his own life after they attempted to steal everything he and my Mother had built up over 30 years, his death paid several million in Insurance benefits to my Mother and Myself and the Mortgage company. I used my part to pay off the Value Thief and My Mother and I worked hard and fought hard for 25 years before selling, due to my Mother’s age and health. I had never had a large sum of money to handle, so I took the advice of some Dallas Millionaire’s and put our money where they did… place was Global Futures where they openly raided customer accounts and used our money without our knowledge to trade the Futures Market. I tried fighting them for 2 years and threw away more money to find out I was being cheated by the Attorney I choose and his crony relationship he formed with the other side at Global Futures…. I will not bore you with the other’s involved. Sad story and I dealt with a lot of guilt for being the family member that dropped the ball….I finally realized I never had a chance and it makes me furious every time I think of it, and that is almost every day. As you might imagine my life changed dramatically, for the first time in my life, with no family left living, accept for my Precious Son, I found myself frightened and alone and broke….That is a real shock at retirement age to find yourself BROKE and SCARED to Death. I went back to Nursing and I am doing OK, but I want to do more. I realize now, all my great ideas aren’t worth much without financing…..I am working on something though. II just wanted Mark Hamilton to know why I vanished from membership. I first heard from Neo Tech way back in 1992 or maybe before but that is close enough. I bought the first book, the second book, and the third book about Ms Annabelle, it was my favorite. I received a letter from Mark Hamilton about a new book but at the time I didn’t have the money or motivation to do anything, I had finally been beaten so hard I could not get up…it took me 2 years, my Son is an Engineer in the Oil Fields and he supported me, knowing I was in no condition to do anything. This was so humiliating as I had always been his hero….then he saw me go down, but this time I didn’t get up. My Mother’s Death and the loss of our Family Money happened within a few weeks of each other, her Death is what knocked me down so hard, that for the first time in my life, I had no fight left in me. I am up and at it again, learning to be happy for what I do have and always looking for ways to build myself back up. I am so happy to see the progress you guys have made, it is wonderful and I respect Mark so much for always getting back up, as he has surely been knocked down hard many times, along with his Father. I am thrilled to be back and I will join just as soon as I get my Bank Card, I decided to not use anything that helped that world, but I do need a Debit Card at least to operate. I will be in touch. I live in Dallas and would love to know if anything goes on here with Neo Tec I am sorry for the long post but I needed a place where I could speak the Truth without Fear of retaliation. Lana S.Dallas Texas 75219

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