Spotlight on Member Services Value to The Neothink® Society

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Members ServicesSpotlight on  member Sue Moore:

I have been working with Neothink® Teleservices for about five months now.

Everyday is a different and equally exciting experience.

I especially enjoy retaining and enlisting new members for the Neothink® Society.

I spoke to a gentleman a few weeks ago and in first speaking to him he just wanted to return the books he had received. After sharing with him what a true value this has been in my life, he was very eager to attend a clubhouse meeting in his area and continue his membership in the Society.

Life changed…thank you!

I also recently spoke to a woman who had ordered the Global Information Network CD package but had no idea about The Neothink® Society. After explaining just a little about what we do and how it has changed me, she ordered the book right then and there!

Another life changed…you’re welcome!

Now, I don’t consider myself a salesperson, I just enjoy connecting people to the Neothink® Society and helping them understand what a true value the Prime Literature can be in there lives.

I wonder how many more lives will be changed!?

Thank you,
Sue L. Moore

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  1. Davies Kapembwa says:

    Have a lot of prime literature which I have read and read and keep on reading but appear not to be getting my desired results especially that even the tele seminars cannot help either.I feel the problem is being alone with no one to do face to face help.No club house to go to.And it is expensive to use a phone for meetings as I have no personal computer.

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