NT Clubhouses + TVP = C of U!

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Neothink ClubhousesThis month saw a major leap forward towards achieving the goals we all share here in our beloved soon-not-to-be-so secret society!

The Neothink Society’s Clubhouse structure was injected with their own unique “stimulus package” in a big way!

We can never forget how critical the success of the local Clubhouse’s are to the ultimate achievement of the “grand super puzzle” as this is where the rubber meets the road.

The clubhouse’s are the point from which we will build outward from the local level and meet head on with the national TVP thrust thereby forming an interlocking matrix which will become impenetrable forever into the future.

This type of integrated approach of a goal oriented, “non-political” political party has never been witnessed in history and will secure our ultimate success precisely because it is a true revolution in the power of human ingenuity and conscious neothinking.

So, if you haven’t done so yet, sit back and listen to the exciting meeting held recently where the whole puzzle piece is laid out in all it’s brilliance and beauty.

Click here to listen in:  http://instantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=9567210

And then commit yourself to taking whatever steps are necessary to inject yourself firmly into this ultimate “Game of the Millennia!”

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4 Responses for “NT Clubhouses + TVP = C of U!”

  1. JPB, great job on this intro! The recording has an important message for all Neothink clubhouse members that will shine some light on the evolution of TVP.

  2. David Viens says:

    What’s the contact information of the Boston A-Team?

  3. A Media Guy says:

    David, I have forwarded your request to our Members Service Team at:
    http://www.neothinkmembers.com/members-services/index.html or
    call 1-800-480-2336

  4. Curtis Ah Shay says:

    I am currently working with Joshua S., A TVP and GIN Member. Anyone feel free to add posts and suggest video uploads to the site [link removed by moderator]

    Anything from TVP and GIN members is allowed access.

    I wish you all Eternal Love, Happiness and Joy Forever.

    Love Curt.

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