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Neothink Clubhouses

NeoThink Radio

NeoThink® Radio News

Kjelene here, Producer and Creator of Neothink Radio.

Have I got some news for you!

Our Mentor, Mark Hamilton is requesting questions from our members for an upcoming interview on NTR Neothink Radio. Once I have your questions then we can proceed to get this show on air. Mark Hamilton has agreed to an interview and to answer your questions on the show.

What I would like you to do is to send your questions to

I’ll keep you posted to when this special show on NTR will air.

Neothink Radio is going into its 16th week airing on NEWS TALK KFNX 1100 AM broadcasting in the Phoenix, AZ area. This station boasts over 89,000+ weekly listeners! Please visit Neothink Radio’s web site at

Also,  Neothink Radio is now on You Tube. Video Production of the radio shows by Michael Dilworth.


NeoThink® School of Geniuses

Hello Genius!

Learning more each day from the tools of Neothink®, one knows that Mark Hamilton replicated his  Father and that he can teach self-leadership.  Mark is his own man and he learned from a leader how important it is to understand self and the behavior of others to be effective and to make changes in life.

Change is what the Neothink Society® is about.

As you continue to accept what comes your way from external authorities, you may be struggling inside because you have grasped the depth of this great movement and the power of your own mind.

You may feel like a lone wolf in your community.  Hello Genius!

You have an opportunity to participate in many valuable programs within our Neothink® Society right now.  Maybe you aren’t a reader, maybe you learn better listening…if so, be on the weekly calls.

Maybe you don’t see yourself as a business leader or politician but you know that you have been forever changed since being found by Mark Hamilton.  So, what do you do about it?   Do you know what you want to do to improve your life today?    Do you want to dive deeper into the essence of Neothink® with other members of the Society?

If you would like to participate in the School of Geniuses to meet other members and to integrate your thoughts about Neothink® please contact prior to June 20, 2010, so, you can expand your genius thoughts!

Integrated Thought + Integrated Action = Success 4 U

10 Responses for “NeoThink Clubhouses News”

  1. Liz Szarka says:

    Hi Kjelene…Very Cool about the 89,000 listeners and the youtube too! Lots of great info here…. Liz 🙂

  2. Hi! This letter is for everyones includes Mark Hamilton… I am deaf person and want to SEE IF ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE??? Let me tell you something about me and myself, I always have trouble that I hardly go to any of your “conference call” because of 3rd Party is Relay Service (interpreter between me and “you”) , Ok, I want you to know why I know it will works for me to go to any of your conference room without 3rd Party! Make long story short, It was so sad for me that I can not have *HOT Conference Room with 100 Seats after I cancel GVO (Global Virtual Opportunity) membership a several month ago.. and I always want TOP? HOT Conference Room with 500 seats includes we can set up our own websites to displayed it to the public inside it… and it cost around 80 dollar monthly .. I want telling you little more about two different Hot Conference Room… see below.

    *Hot Conference Room (100 seats) includes… Sound Speaker, Video cam, text… I will always enjoy to communicate and talk back-fro by use text and what is good.. they can talk to hearing people, while typing text for me to read it… OH I LOVE IT! Interesting, I am most comfortable with it more than to have 3rd Party. (Relay Service) and that is hard to believe! HA!

    *TOP? HOT Conference Room (500 seats) (same as above) plus it will includes that you can set up your own websites inside Conference Room to displayed it to your visitors (hearing people includes me, deaf at same time use text).

    Is it possible anybody can help me to have one until I make good profit, while I sell several products and when its ready then I will take over to make payment on my own… or do you have any idea??? I know that for sure those TOP Hot Conference Room includes your own website display is great benefits for everybody and for me, too. I hope it will help you start to have one, Good Luck and Thank you for your time with me. Look forward to be hearing from you soon.

  3. Karen Corey says:

    Love the Show. Great Work! Thanks to Sheyenne, I have been using it to also advertise. Looking forward to more Radio News. Blessings!

  4. Jerry Starnes says:

    Anything new here in 2011 on plans for the 2012 elections?

  5. Roy James says:

    The Neothink Society is growing and expanding . I am so grateful to be a part of it. Get involved in everything the society has to offer. I am a new member, and I plan on doing all I can to be active in this new world called Neothink. I believe Mind Snap Magazine is a wonderful concept.

  6. I read my old post on June 17, 2010 up above..and its update the price had changed for GVO HOT Conference Room, its 100 Seats for only 9.95 monthly… There are everything like for audio can be turn on and off same with Self video (left side), World Members and private single chat (right hand side) and can control to stop people talk by text before show represent your website (center window) it is real cool.. Alright now, I am going to makes this very special announcement for everyone, who need to know… Wink!

    Juanita Heckel and I will start Fond of Success Trip begin January 2014, to help every Clubhouses to bring much more Victory!… For you and/or who need our help to get your and/or their Clubhouses up and run,.. Contact us…

    Juanita: 1-702-521-3171 and/or
    Patricia: VP 903-486-6577 and/or

    I have A excellence program for you and anybody.. who need money before enter Neothink Society or Neothink Members are welcome to join at this program at anytime because there will be added 10 dollar profits each month!!! And Good News…… It will be for GOOD, Wink! Contact us, see above… New program called “Fond of Success & Victory!”

    And.. One more… For anyone, who want order the books, please visit at any time and the link is:

    We will love to be hearing from you and we are waiting on you, Wink!

  7. wayne says:

    I would like to know when someone in the Neothink mindset is going to run for president and change the U S for the better as in the 1200 page book. this must be done now I am getting too old to wait for this. I need brand new great health now. thanks

  8. Lana Sanders says:

    I tried posting, it was a long informative post about why I vanished from Neo Tech and everything else. I have been reading Mark Hamilton’s books since the 90s The last one I read was about Ms Annabelle I loved that book so much and am ready for more. If this actually posts, I will tell my Story again, about being eaten alive by the Neo Cheaters………..

  9. BRUCE MORRIS says:

    Hello brothers and sistersi’l just want share with you some very closes to neothinking ok i’l hope you like it please give a feedback ok

  10. BRUCE MORRIS says:

    Hello brothers and sistersi’l just want share with you some very closes to neothinking ok i’l hope you like it please give a feedback ok
    This also neothinking AND integrate see you future.

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