May All Your Wishes Come True!

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May All Your Wishes Come True!

Cool backgroundWelcome to the “Holiday Issue” of your NTNews newsletter.

This time of year, I often find myself preoccupied by thoughts of what holidays will look like when we actualize the C of U here in America and around the world. Will there even be a reason for holidays any longer and if so will they be even vaguely similar to today? What reasons will we create and what dates might we choose to hold these special events etc.?

I envision a time when the whole concept of “holiday” transforms into a completely different sense of purpose and meaning than what is common right now.

As I see it, traditional holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Easter etc. will simply have to face up to the competitive pressures inherent in a Neothink® world or be discarded as silly or useless.

I see completely new and exciting motivations arising which will compel the creation of very ingenious and valuable times for revelry and celebration.

First of which is the very concrete realization of the immense, limitless value of our own flesh and blood conscious lives!

And those of our families and loved ones and indeed all mankind as we fully embrace and express our gratitude for conscious life in every facet of our existence.

No longer will we desire to glorify make believe saviors or fictitious characters in order to provide a reason for celebration.

Instead, we will rejoice and spread our cheer from the fully integrated sense of becoming the creators we are all meant to be…creators who are worthy of genuine exaltation and honor for providing priceless gifts and values for all people.

That is my wish dear friends and as we continue our resolute dedication to the achievement of our highest potential, I know it will come true!

Next, we have a great issue this month so make sure you explore all the exciting new information contained herein.

New updates are discussed in every section as well as some valuable contributions from some very special members.

And speaking of wishes coming true, we have the exciting honor of announcing a new resource for members interested in pursuing the opportunities available with the Global Information Network.

I will let Mike Ginther tell you more about this cool new system recently developed to benefit our members.

OK Mike, let er rip!

The Neothink GIN Advantage.

Mark Hamilton wants to help jump start the Neothink® Society Members as they become members and affiliates of the Global Information Network. He has asked me, Mike Ginther, to head up this new program designed to help Jump Start his apprentices and members in the Global Information Network.

I will be joined by Steven Fagan, Steven Hinz and others as they share success stories, tips, marketing ideas, and a bunch of motivation and great times. There will also be some surprise guests on these weekly training and motivational teleseminars including KT himself, so don’t miss any of these calls as you might just learn how to make a full time income and grow it into wealth that only you can limit.

We’ll share success stories and provide some of the latest marketing ideas that are working, and guest stars that are making many things happen. There is so much this program has to offer that Mark Hamilton wanted to put a full focus on helping our members get the most from it and grow their teams and income faster.

Mike Ginther and friends will take you on a rocketship ride to success, so join them every Monday @ 4:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Eastern 949.333.4806  pin: 256015#

Mark earlier wrote a statement that was read to our members attending the Global Information Network’s Kick off event in Cancun Mexico. In case you were not in attendance here is his statement:




For over thirty years, I had never allowed an affiliate program of any kind into my membership.

Kevin Trudeau and his GIN is the first.

The money-making opportunity of GIN is very good.

But let me point out something that Kevin himself might not.

Kevin is very possibly the best marketing genius alive.

In the nearly twenty years that I have personally known Kevin, I have seen him effortlessly move from one venture to another and soar right to the top.

For you to have access to one of the greatest marketing legends who ever lived is priceless.  If you really listen closely to Kevin, you will advance your marketing effectiveness far beyond your current abilities. The marketing lessons you learn directly from Kevin Trudeau will be worth many times the money you paid to be in GIN.

The deeper value of GIN starts with you absorbing Kevin’s knowledge this weekend.  Getting to know how Kevin’s mind works will accelerate your success.

Also, I will take this opportunity to tell you what a good person Kevin is.  Of all the people I have done business with, Kevin has proven the most consistently honest, generous, and most beneficial relationship I have experienced over the past two decades.  Kevin’s word is as good as a contract.  Moreover, Kevin goes out of his way to be sure I am happy in any business dealing we do together.  He does everything in his power to make those he does business with a success.  I know those rare qualities are intrinsic in Kevin, and those qualities reach out and apply to all my members who have taken on the GIN adventure.

Let me urge you to enjoy this money-making opportunity while also seeing the deeper value of the GIN program, your relationship with Kevin himself, and the valuable knowledge he personally brings to you.


Mark Hamilton

Pretty cool huh?

One thing I will add on a personal note is to recommend for every member to get their hands on the amazing audio CD set titled Your Wish is Your Command.

And listen to it repeatedly!

The information contained in this series is priceless and complements perfectly the works of Mark Hamilton in the prime literature. You can find out more information when you join in on the teleseminars described above.

That’s it for this edition and my wish is for all your wishes to come true!

Happy Holiday’s Everyone,

Your Editor


13 Responses for “May All Your Wishes Come True!”

  1. Ogden says:

    Again i say that i am very pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of a group of value focused people. Also, i sense that great opportunities are being presented to humanity, and i intend to grasp some of them for myself. i wish to thank both Mark Hamilton and Kevin Tredeau for the many gifts being presented to humanity.

  2. Pat Carey says:

    Once plugged into GIN membership, TVP and podcasts and of course the Your Wish Is Your Command CDs – the mastermind power and the potential available is staggering. It just grows and grows and daily keeps developing more and more Faith,Hope and Love for the Future we all long for and Deserve which is right Now unfolding before our very eyes. Countries from all over the world are now plugged in and this rolling stone is building massive momentum extremely fast. I salute and congratulate every single one of you who are invloved in any way. As the Ed says, ‘May All Your Wishes Come True’. Happy Holidays Everyone. PC.

  3. I have always been a fan of Kevin Trudeau, but to hear Mark Hamilton speak so highly of him makes me want to go get but another one of his trainings in GIN.
    I feel blessed to have become a part of this new Neo-Tech World, and to come in contact with so many wonderful people.
    Thank You All

  4. I have been a follower of Dr. Frank R. Wallace for over 11 years now. I was so saddened by our lose.

    My comment is about K.T. I once signed up with Keven’s marketing program with ITV Ventures. I ordered many of the products; had meetings; made many phone calls; etc. I am on disability but I worked very hard at this.

    I ended up around $500.00 in the red. I have no great respect for K.T.

    Maybe someday I can meet him in person; as I am one of the stronger Neo-Tech/Neothink people out there.

  5. Darrell says:

    I really appreciate this newspaper. I enjoy reading fully integrated honesty from the writers and commenters. JP you are awesome!! Mike you know my feelings about you and Steve, True loving and dedicated trailblazers. Mark you are the Man and a true Mentor. Thank you for GIN and Kevin, a true gift that you said would be given to us in the Literature!

  6. Darren Watkins says:

    I am a member of GIN and I have been very pleased with the education, tranining, emotional well-being, healthy way of living, and money making opportunities. Thank you Mark Hamilton for introducing this business opportunity. If anyone have any questions, please email me at

  7. Elena Leonardo says:

    Everyday I am more and more thrilled and happy about being a part of sos and GIN. Study is a joy. Time just flies by. Every moment I can possibly squeeze in it to learn more and more. Thank you Mark Hamilton and Kevin Trudeau.

  8. Who could ask for more!? Thank Neothink Members!

    Thank Mark Hamilton and Kevin Trudeau! We are getting there!

  9. Dennis says:

    I believe holidays will be modified–stories about Santa will be reduced to fiction that no one believes in, if they survive at all. And there will no longer be the dread of paying the bills in January. The whole concept of Christmas, today being used to honor the first God-Man, will in all likelihood be modified to reflect the values we ourselves have created. As such, it will probably become even more meaningful. Gone will be the threat of getting coal in your stockings, honoring Jesus because of “inherited sin”, and the drudgery of having to get things for people you don’t care for.

    Yes, I am a fan of Kevin Trudeau. I got his book Natural Cures, and saw that the “cures” are nothing more complicated than not doing the things that got you sick in the first place. A lot of it I already knew, and some (like the microwave and the eating of pork and shellfish) I learned in that book. I already gave up foods known to have monosodium glutamate because it ruins your brain. I worked on cutting out high fructose corn syrup from that book. I cannot say for sure what good it did, because the most good is from the disease you do not get.

    I also would like to especially thank Kevin Trudeau for giving me a second chance with the Neothink Society. About a year before, I got my first invitation and threw it away for religious reasons. I signed up for the Trudeau newsletter at the time I bought the book, and soon I got a fat envelope instead of a thin one. And, sure enough, there was the brochure on the Neothink Society. This time, I signed up for it and got all three heirlooms. This also moved me to get a computer to go online (because of my religion’s discouraging the Internet, I previously saw no need for this). And that opened up a whole new world for me, that the TV did not.

  10. Nadia Sazanovitch says:

    Every thought I think is generating my future. Every act I do is cultivating my future. Every word I speak is creating my future.
    Become aware of the thoghts, words and actions…
    Remove the “Bad Seed”. This Seed causes a virus that spreads to the subconscious, and then to every level of conscioness.
    Let go of the old paradigm thinking.
    Realize that it is a pleasure to be doing that which you are doing in the moment, for you are Creator, living life through you.
    Thank Mark Hamilton and Kevin Trudeau.

  11. Tom Browning says:

    After listening to a comercial on RTV, I ordered your Your Wish Is Your Command tapes with a 45 day money back guaranty.
    After trying to get in touch with you by phone, and being unable to leav a message, I decided to go to your WEB sight.
    I’m sending you this comment in the hopes that you will respond to it.
    I want to take you up on your 45 day money back guaranty, because of problems at work, with leaving a good possibity, I won’t have time to listen to the tape or the ability to considerate on them.
    You have my credit card number in your file.

    Yours truly,
    Tom Browning

  12. Bill Juarbe says:

    Hello my family, I have been a member since 2006 when I recieved a hand written invitation from Mr frank Wallace. Let us remember Dr Wallace as he was extremely brilliant. Dr wallace worked for Dupont research he left Dupont because they used his ideas without giving him credit. Dr Wallace was a victim of the I.R.S. Agents from the Irs stormed into his home and proceeded to take from him his hard earned property claiming he owed back taxes! This was untrue and unjust. Too many times I have heard stories about government agencies bullying their way into peoples homes. Our founding fathers like Ben Franklin designed our constitution to protect us from the very things that are happening today. That is why the T.V.P. is so jmportant. We need to keep government out of our personal lives and out of our pocket books. I am proud to be a member of the worlds saviors, we are modern day heroes like those who wrote the constitution each and every one of us. History is being made and we are all part of it. Also I was invited to join the GIN when it first began, and I never got started because of financial difficulties, and computer crashes, i am still very interested as I am still in need of finances. I need help creating my own web page if anyone can give me a boost I will certainly do the same for another in the future.
    I see our mission clearly, and I also see the obstacles the neo cheats will do their best to dis-credit us. They will even commit serious crimes to stop us, but they will not succeed. We must utilize integrated thinking, we must always be four steps ahead of those who want to stop us. Sincerely, Bill Warbe

  13. MR.H Thack for giveing me this opprtunity to increase my weath and health and live stander for my family and my self.For 32 years my whole i know that something more was ment for me but just did’nt know what but your heioom of the most powerful think tools ever seen in my eye. got my brain both sides working as one to create my perpes of living. to help and show the children of the world a liven surpassed our owen and with every child that glances or smial when thay see me knowing me or not smial. give me the extra uuuof! soto speak to deacate my whole life to improve there way of living. my twin i adoped and rased show me that perpase and with the guident of the whole neo-tech team we can mack it happen.TO EVERY BODY WHO READS THIS LETS ALL CREATE THIS FUTHER FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! Sincerely,Carlos McLaughlin

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