Making History With The Twelve Visions Party®

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Mark Hamilton's Twelve Visions PartyThe Twelve Visions Party® is beginning to establish itself on a national level. Many Neothink® members are stepping up within their essence and contributing vital pieces to the puzzle. The momentum is building geometrically and it’s becoming quite apparent that the goals of TVP will soon become a reality.

Team New Jersey has been setting the standard for forward progress. Being the very first state to become affiliated with the national party, TVP NJ is raising the bar again with their State Convention on March 20th. Many Neothink® members from all across the country are seizing the opportunity to take part in this historic event.

Essences from all corners of the Neothink® Society are being represented there. With Steve Rapella as the keynote speaker, Mark Hamilton sending in a video presentation, updates from TVP Chairman Michael Dilworth and the national officers, Rick Mabe and the Business Alliance, Neothink® Music and Arts, and Kjelene Bertrand of NTR Talk Radio, this event is truly history in the making. Attendees are in for a real treat indeed!

And for those who are unable to attend, you can see video afterwards and even tune in to Kjelene Bertrand’s radio program to hear interviews and more! Kjelene has just launched Neothink® Talk Radio based in Phoenix, Arizona. Every Sunday night at 11PM MST you can listen to NTR Talk radio on KFNX 1100AM in Phoenix and also tune in online anywhere in the world. NTR Talk Radio was launched on March 7th and is already growing quickly. Kjelene is looking to expand the program and is seeking more sponsors. Visit to learn more about this wonderful addition to the Neothink® Society which has incredible potential.

Keep tuned in to the Sunday evening Twelve Visions Party® Education and Integration call for more updates and information on TVP. The Sunday call is growing and expanding by leaps and bounds. A big thank you goes out to Jill Reed for sponsoring the last episode of the TVP Mental Shift quiz show. Panel member John Batchelder wound up as the grand champion and received an autographed copy of Jill’s book: Creating Your Romantic Standard of Love for Life. Jill also donated an eBook copy of her latest creation: P. P. S. – Did I say I Love You? as prize as well. For some wonderful tips and information on developing romance, visit Jill’s website at

On March 21st, the Sunday call will be implementing a brand new format to embrace the ever growing needs of TVP. Adam Huntley is in the process of replicating the hosting position and Raymond Desmarais is bringing a wonderful new program to the call: The Daniel Ward School Of Candidates. This program will fill the need for potential TVP candidates to learn more about public speaking and be able to articulate the proper stance of TVP. If you are interested in running for TVP office and want more integration on the process, then contact Raymond at for more information on this program. Look forward to more wonderful things to come from the Twelve Visions Party®!

By Jeff Smith

10 Responses for “Making History With The Twelve Visions Party®”

  1. Anthony Gottschalk says:

    I am very happy to see that the TVP is moving forward! I say that the movement will move faster than you think! Thank you to Mr. Mark Hamilton and all members for being a part of the SOCIETY! ANTHONY GOTTSCHALK

  2. Hi,
    It”s Great to see this Momentum of the Twelve Visions Party!

  3. james critcher says:

    I am very happy hear that everything went our way.thumbs up for the twelve vision party and Mark hamilton i canot get on the Web today they keep cuttingme off hang in there.james fleetwood N>C

  4. Nadia Sazanovitch says:

    The purpose of government is to prevent men from injuring one another.
    If we had only one government which did just that, which ensured peace and true social justice among its people, acting productively without undue waste, with honesty and transparency, with the interest of the people,-its customers- at heart. With that one principle, there would be physical plenty for all to live challenging and rewarding lives in a pleasant environment on a respected planet. The citizens of Hamilton-America will be living in the only prospering country in the world, a country setting new records for standards of living and safety. That Protection-Only Government backed by the Prime Law guarantees the conditions to become the wealthiest, healthiest, and safest country in the history of the world.

  5. Terry Anderson says:

    What about TVP contacting with Glen Beck and other Fox news contributors, Tea Party etc. who seem to share alot of the same views?

  6. vicente san martin jr says:

    what a party in New jersey i was part of that and as i have been thinking about what i saw in the convetion and the value that it had i was thinking the club house NEEDS TO DOUBLE the value if you was part of that convetion you might understand what i am saying in this why not we as neothink people DOUBLE our value creation and reading the heirlooms let “s run with Mark T.V.P

  7. Jeanne' Laurin-Crawford says:

    I reading PAX NEO TECH ; MARK YOUR DAD WAS A WONDER TO BEHOLD ? I truly want a club house in my area in Anchorage . We need the communication and one to one training ; not only for adults but for the children . Where know child is left behind for real? I’m new to whats going on ; but I wish to be every part I can be In insuring the we all grow old together ; and our children with us . thank you Mark ;and Society for including me . We are what we think ; so keep thinking ; and never say any thing is not possiable . We many ;but all are one .

  8. It is good to see for a change a presidential hopeful running on a ticket that is truthfully for the people and not for their pockets. This may be the first time I will cast my vote in a vary long long time. The TVP just might reignite interest in the voting process. The Twelve Vision Party sounds like a party that can get things done.

  9. Curtis Ah Shay says:

    As was mentioned throughout the Neothink Literature; nothing can stop Neothink from sweeping the world of irrationality and mysticism. That day has come. We have won. Cassandra’s secret will now spread everywhere! Eternal Love is here. I feel so blessed.

  10. Alice Bruton says:

    I can’t wait to see what our future holds with a TVP candidate running our country, and not his pockets with his own agenda minded schedules and society. I too am new to all this and it may take me some time to grasp the nature of the meaning of everything, but I can say I like what I see and hear so far. I pray that everyone in this nation that truly wants peace and freedom should get on board with the TVP, and help take us into that furture we so very long for. I feel blessed to be even a small part of it.

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