History is being made with The Neothink® Business Alliance

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History is being made with The Neothink® Business Alliance

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We are forming a business alliance to drive out all businesses that create the support structure of the political anticivilization. We’ll make every effort to give our business to other members.  We’ll seek out and give every consideration to members for doing business.  Whether we’re buying goods, hiring employees, or using suppliers, we’ll give first consideration to members of the Neothink® Clubhouses.

History is being made with The Neothink® Business Alliance

Since the 2009 Twelve Visions Party® Convention and Neothink® World Summit, The Neothink Business Alliance (NBAI) has been breaking new ground on the paradigm shift in business.  This newsletter will be one of the major media outlets for business news and reports.  In future issues NBAI will be featuring companies that have experienced the benefits of membership and will provide the latest and greatest Neothink® business news. All NBAI members are urged to sign up to receive this newsletter by going to http://www.joinneothinknews.com.

Become a Charter Member

Charter Membership Program

There are now over 50 charter member companies and individuals and that number is expected to increase steadily in the last quarter of 2009.  As the value of NBAI membership becomes more apparent there will be a greater demand for companies that are members.  You are invited to send inquiries about acquiring a membership application packet to nbai@live.com.  A few of the benefits of charter membership include:

  1. Charter Members will be able to always display their title, “Charter Member of The Neothink® Business Alliance”.
  2. The Alliance will urge companies within its membership to do business with other member companies.
  3. The Alliance will urge members of The Society to do business with Alliance certified companies.
  4. The Alliance will promote companies that carry the seal of approval.
  5. Member companies are listed in The Alliance Yellow Pages on The Neothink® Web Site.
  6. Every company that applies and is accepted within the Alliance will be given the authority to display The Neothink® Business Alliance Seal of Approval on all the marketing and advertising.

ALERT! The Charter Membership Program will end August 31st, 2009 and at that time membership will be $80.00 and the opportunity to become a charter member will end.  These memberships are valid for one year and charter members are in a unique position to have some influence on the way NBAI will evolve.

The Neothink® Business Alliance Logo and Seal of Approval Contest

The Alliance truly values all creative integrations in its development and has announced a contest to design the NBAI logo and seal of approval.  The contest ends August 21st and the logo and seal will be selected by September 15th.  All Neothink® members are invited to send their submissions to nbai@live.com and thank you in advance for your integrations.  The guidelines for designs are:

  1. The logo must be eye-catching.
  2. The logo must be incorporated into the seal of approval.
  3. The logo and the seal will not include the Neothink® logo.
  4. The seal should have a symbol, such as a checkmark, shield or some other symbol that indicates the company has received the seal.
  5. The logo and seal will not contain radical or fundamentalist language or artwork.
  6. The logo must highlight the idea of businesses coming together to create and integrate values.


The Neothink® Business Alliance Meetings

There is a Business Alliance meeting every Monday at 9:00 PM Eastern time

You can call in using phone number 949-333-4806 Conference ID: 274936#

or to locate a local phone number try: http://nconnects.com/Local

Rick Mabe

Businesses coming together to create and exchange values

11 Responses for “History is being made with The Neothink® Business Alliance”

  1. brenda hough says:

    this is so great

  2. Ronald says:

    Who will step up and show the world what it takes?

  3. Lou Miner says:

    President and CEO of MINBRAD SYSTEMS, The PERSONAL ORGANIZER. Wish to be a Charter Member of the Neothink Business Alliance. Neothink Member.

  4. William E Ryan says:

    With the climate in this country as it is right now,this seems like a perfect time to get this going!!

  5. A Media Guy says:

    Lou, Your request has been forwarded and someone will be contacting you via email.
    You may also email nbai@live.com with your request.

  6. I am very proud to be a part of the growing business alliance! My wife and are are both charter members and I will soon be a part of another that is forming. This could not be possible without the help and guidance from the group as a whole and especially the tireless performance of Rick Mabe. Thanks so much for the help of the masterminds behind this integration!

  7. This newsletter is smart.

  8. The most common reason why new businesses shut down is that the owner runs out of money. Cash flow is critical to a startup business. You could be profitable and still have to close your doors because your customers are taking too long to pay you. Cash is king in a startup venture and you need to prepare for it.

  9. Ogden Raafi says:

    I am pleased to continue to do what I can to help usher in the C-of-U here in our sector of the universe. I have embarked on a journey with all the components of the Neothink(R) Society and have added to that journey the process of enhansing my knowledge in one of my FNE, which is Electronics Technology, (Software Systems Engineering). This will increace my ability to add values to society.

  10. all power to everyone who integrate their ideas for the benefit of the alliance. Cash is king indeed. Everyone who has a corporation has big a chance to communicate with American express some 20k-one million is available for whatever purpose of business you want it for. Rumours was out G.W.Bush had $200m free money if you are an American citizen never to pay it back to fed as long as you hire workers in your company that is paying tax.

  11. GORDON TODD says:


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