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Have you been meaning to review your multigenerational manuscripts? 
All Neothink® Society Members are welcome to join us every Tuesday Night at 6:00pm PST or 9:00pm EST.

The purpose of this call is to help assure that members have a venue to keep reviewing our manuscripts, so that our philosophies remain fresh in our minds.

It is also our intention to help educate members who are struggling to understand and apply the Prime Literature, as well as help those that do have a good understanding gain an even better one!

We do this various different ways on our calls, but you can always be assured that you will get multiple insights from multiple different perspectives.

We have found this approach to be very helpful and to allow any member from any background or past to gain maximum integrations to use in their lives as they move forward in their search for the Civilization of the Universe!

Right now, we are in the middle of our Relationship Series. This series has proven to be very beneficial in all relationships and everyone has only good things to say about their experiences as well.

Last week we had a very exciting call about intimacy and celebration.

As you can probably imagine, it got a little heated a few times and turned out to be very valuable for both married members and single members!

Be sure to contact us for a link to the recording of that meeting if you didn’t get a chance to hear it last Tuesday; our email address is below.

During our most recent call we discussed Children & Creations, Property & “Stuff”. This focused largely on building good relationships with your children.

Next week, we will be discussing Couples and Problems (getting rid of what you don’t want). This should be very helpful in discerning whether and how to both end a current bad situation as well as repair a damaged relationship with someone you love and/or care about!

You can contact us for further details at NeothinkMGM@live.com

Here is the 73rd, July 7th, 2009 link:


Here is the 74th, July 14th, 2009 link:


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  1. Hi! I am deaf person, not able to use conv. call and the problem is I do not like to use relay service because it might waste and/or slow us down. I suggest, Why not use Twitter that I believe it will work out because many people includes me will follow you that we can read your briefly notes/message daily. Unless twitter have special private message like a letter… What do you think about Twitter? I believe many of twitter member will join NoeThink, Clubhouse, workshop and Heirloop class, etc. Thousand people are out there! Try Twitter?

  2. RUTH says:

    Hello, i am delighted with the conuting studey of the HEIRLOOM, this is very Beneficial to me hopeing that their will be maney more hot, issue, will come Through.

  3. vicente san martin jr says:

    hi my name is vicente san martin jr and i have to say that Heirloom is working in my home like i had a court case and did not have to go i WON the case and my wife Rebecca was at 180lbs and now after 4weeks she is down to 162lbs and still is going down and their is so much more i could say like this past week something came up that i had let go of when at the age of 27 years old then 10 to 15 years letter you guys fine me and i got the heirloom and the thing that i was dreaming about back in the days when i was 15 and up to 27 years old came back to me and i went wow and their more to this but i will stop here vicente san martin jr

  4. shervette mackey says:

    Hello my name is shervette mackey i am deaf myself I am also new with neothink I need someone who is deaf like me to help me with the heirloom reading and to have a meeting conversation through vp (deaf and hard of hearing video) I would need to talk to patricia c. Meeks please email me at sexycheetah92@gmail.com I’m so exicted about becoming a member with neothink society. I agreed with patricia c meeks we know about relay service are very lousy to explain through the aims because of networks and slow response to make the other customer unsatisified. Hope to hear from patricia c. Meeks

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