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Weekly National A-Team/TVP Teleconference

Originally launched back in January 2008 by Mike Ginther and Steve Fagan, this call has become THE place to get up to date information about the Neothink® Society—specifically focused on the A-Teams which are the backbone of the Society.

We have just completed our 75th installment of this valuable call and they are all archived and available on the Neothink® website.

Out of this call have come the other valuable National level programs such as the Heirloom Review Call, Twelve Visions Party Call, Neothink® Global Clubhouse Call, Leadership Program and others.

Early in 2009, this weekly call was replicated by Daren Raskin and Jill Reed demonstrating for Society Members one of the primary methods of growth.

In addition to providing news and updates from Mark Hamilton for the A-Teams and Twelve Visions Party, the call has become much more.

Each week, by bringing together Society Members from around the world, we assist Mark Hamilton in coordinating the efforts of the Neothink® Society to accomplish our goals.

Along with the weekly updates from Mark Hamilton, a brief overview of content provided in recent weeks include: information on the new Golden Seekers’ Call; Neothink® Global Clubhouses; A-Team Regional Coaches Program; new Twelve Visions Party websites; interviews with new A-Teams, interviews with established A-Teams along with interviews of other members describing their successes and growth.

Of course, a great deal of emphasis has been on the Twelve Visions Party National Convention and Neothink® World Summit—truly the launching point for a key piece of the Superpuzzle.

For any Neothink® Society Member that wants to see the Twelve Visions World manifested along with all the benefits it will bring, we provide numerous ways for them to contribute, regardless of their essences.

In addition, through the feedback we receive during the live call, all members have an opportunity to contribute to Neothink® Society growth. In fact, much of the content developed over the past year has come directly from these member suggestions.

Join us each Wednesday evening at 9:00 pm Easter/6:00 pm Pacific.

11 Responses for “Clubhouses”

  1. RUTH says:

    My appreciation to Mark Hamilton for the Neothink News looking foward in reciving it each week Thanks .I Am looking for a ClubHouse in Brooklyn NY 11213 Thanks.

  2. A Media Guy says:

    Ruth, I have forwarded your request to our Members Service Team at: or
    call 1-800-480-2336

  3. Balamuruga says:

    Greetings,I have recently move from Madison,Wi.,to Anchorage,Alaska. Would appreciate knowing how to get in touch with a local A-Team here.Will you assist me in this effort please.

  4. A Media Guy says:

    Balamuruga, I have forwarded your request to our Members Service Team at: or
    call 1-800-480-2336

  5. Millard Williams says:

    I was excited with the Newsletter. Loaded with information, I found it hard to break away. Some things in the news was not released to the public. A good way to stay informed. Thank you for putting this together. I’m encouraged.

  6. GAkuna says:

    Are there any ClubHouses in Hawaii? If so, where?

  7. A Media Guy says:

    GAkuna, I have forwarded your request to our Members Service Team at: or
    call 1-800-480-2336

  8. appreciate all- moved and now looking for clubhouse in West Virginia on WV /OHIO river side. 26181

  9. megan says:

    Is there a clubhouse in N. CA. (Sonoma county) ?

  10. Millard Williams says:

    All I can say right now about NT is WOW! There is so much to absorb. There is no legitimate reason for being bored. Here, there are beautiful people and beautiful creators being unleashed to moving the richness of life forward into the C of U.

  11. Could someone tell me how many Neo-Think membes live in Kingman, Az.?
    Is there a club house in Kingman?Are people in the Kingman area being
    invited to join us?
    Love and Happiness to All.

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