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Business AllianceMarch 20th, 2010: New Jersey TVP Convention Vendor Announcement:

If you wish to be a vendor at the convention the cost is 35.00 to get a table.  All vendors desiring to participate should send their information to

May 16th, 2010: World Neothink Day Vendor Announcement: If you wish to be a vendor during World Neothink Day you need to get your product submittal to before April 15th, 2010.

Effective February 8th, 2010 membership in The Neothink Business Alliance is included in your Neothink Website subscription cost.  Simply send an e-mail to with your name and e-mail and you will be added to the membership database.


By Elaine Bennett

Writers/Poets Essence:

There is some interesting behind-the-scenes work going on with MIND-SNAP magazine, the creative outlet for our members…

Artists/Poets/Musicians Essence:

This Team continues to download their creations as offerings to the Audio-Visual Testimonial to MH/NTS/TVP Video that Steve LaValley is orchestrating. Steve has spent 40+ hours in studio, weaving his magic with our member’s various music tracks. In a week, he will be adding voice/lyrical tracks, then all of the visuals: video/Artwork/pics-nature/faces, short written pieces/poetry.

This Essence will be presenting Performers at the New Jersey TVP Convention, individuals will be confirmed by March 1, 2010. There will be three different time slots: 8-9am, 12-1pm, 4-5:30pm. This will be an exciting time for performers and audience to enjoy!

The NJ TVP Convention accepted Steve LaValley’s offer to supply the PA System with microphones, wires, cables, snakes for the entire Convention. The ARTS Essence will have a Vendor’s table for Performer’s CDs/DVDs, Artists Prints. Elaine is collecting ARTS product information to work with Rick Mabe in getting these approved for sale by Mark Hamilton.

All other Vendors planning for tables at the Convention need to list their items and prices any jpeg pictures of products and send these to Rick Mabe’s e-mail, who is facilitating a smooth approval process for vendors. The Business Alliance Phone is 757-351-0160.

For Future reference, the ARTS Essence’s abilities will be able to feed into written materials for refreshment of Member’s interviews with the Media, into blogs for the Neothink Society, into the Musical Videos as part of the marketing of the NTS/Twelve Visions Party, and in other tantalizing unforeseen at the moment occurrences.

Elaine Bennett

Science Essence Master Mind

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Before we can really have something to replicate, we have to have a fully developed area of purpose.

We are engaging this process now. Getting our systems understanding and agreements in order, so we can begin the process of replication and building a business is the order of the NEI day at this point.

What comes with knowing and advancing the essence of the business is being ready to, and beginning the process of replicating the essence using meetings: 1. Working Meetings; 2. Crucial Detail Meetings, and 3.Essence Meetings. In reality, all three of these types of meetings are working meetings in their own rite.

We are beginning the second stage of meetings now. The Crucial Detail Meetings as described in the first book.

In Kansas, Michael Chambers is meeting with institutional and commercial interests to determine the forward movement there, as well as with banks and business planners for making sure our business plan complies with their need to do business with us. As a whole, we are working out the basic responsibility details on our marketing strategies for direct mail, internet and face-to-face sales efforts.

This will be crucial as we open up to the NT® Society and offer you the opportunity to help us move these values into people’s lives.

This also means working out the nitty-gritty regarding our customer and installer agreements. We have to make it indelibly understood what each party’s responsibility and liability is. We have to know we are working with professional installers, and that the homeowner understands the warranty agreements for the components and materials we send them. We have to prepare for uncomfortable situations and be able to handle our responsibilities as well as protect ourselves from predators. These are very serious matters and this second stage of meetings is truly CRUCIAL. The Crucial Detail Meetings are aptly named.

We at NEI are very proud of our purpose in the Superpuzzle, and we do not take it lightly. Earth is the Home Planet, and the water and air need to be healthy and clean, and reflect the value we place on the protection of life, and the greatest development of life, Consciousness. How amazing is that?! We have awesome jobs of the mind!!

We are looking forward to offering you the opportunity to be a part of moving this mission forward, and to hearing from some of our more accomplished Mentors also, with their desire to integrate their expertise into this effort. It really will not be long now. We are illuminating our Own Path to Energy Independence, and we can see you standing by in the periphery. The light is reflecting from you and since you desire to join us on this path, it will surely happen.

Thank you very much for your support and interest in the effort.


Robert Run
NEI Marketing

5 Responses for “BUSINESS ALLIANCE”

  1. vicente san martin jr says:

    Hey Rick this is Vicente San Martin Jr i came on one monday night and i was talking about S.T.Ds and about getting a cure for them well i got the frist piece today tuesday feb 16 2010 i will share that next monday night on the call take care

  2. Robert says:

    Maybe “science essence” should be “alternative energy mastermind group” or something.


  3. Patrick & Terri says:

    To Robert:
    I donated an invention to Neo-Tech in regards to a car. It was an electric car, Robert. By the way, my name is Patrick. Currently I think I have a littel depression spell, bi-polar, so it helps me to create and write to get things off my mind. They had a picture of this kid that was shot and he is a wheel chair and it brought back bad memories of what happened to my Mom. So I try to write and make things, or think and create. I got into a lot of things Robert. Many things. I think Mr Hamilton is trying to get door ways opened for me becasue I am a little unique comparred to most others. If you came up to me on the street and said you were neo-tech personel you’d have to prove it before I trust you. Yet, since your on the site I thought I would log on and read the neo-think newspaper. Later tonight I am going for a walk to the gas station. early in the morning. I miss the nights, I spend too much time in the day light and don’t stay up at night. Some times I like to alter my sleeping patterns and stay up nights to get used to the noises and things at night. The thing is all businesses are open in Joliet only during the day. At night there is only a couple places open. Could you imagin, those that wanted to work and shop at night, with the population growing so much, if there was night time businesses it would help the economy and job growth. I think it would.
    Your comment was on a mastermind of science understanding of energy solutions. I have a ton of those. Most of the oil company’s don’t want to see my ideas out there other wise they wouldn’t make so much money. So, I stuggeled with a few things and was kept down for awhile on things. Too, lawyers in town won’t acknowledge me like they used to. I caught the city lawyer commiting perjery in the court of law and mentioned it in their law libray before i went to court on a snow and ice issue and the Judge was threatening in the court room. So, I voulenterrily dismissed the case. I didn’t re-persue it becasue I wanted to study the ordinances a little better. Too, when I re-thought about the case, Ithought of making a business that woudl solve it instead of suing as the town had money losses as it is. There are many things that concern theirself in public safety that are job creation ideas. Thought my mian place of what I wanted to study and build was renewables, green tech. I have a few really powerful energy inventions. One I really want to study which I call the lightning bolt theory, (I love lightning by the way, the sound of a thunder and lightning storm with rain, it is tranquil and powerful sounding). I have this ideas of using a lightning rod to catch a bolt of lightning, sending negative ions in the atmosphere to catch the positive ion lightning, then transforming the current to power for homes and businesses. I drew it out a few times, and had built a scale modle of it once, yet it would take billions. I love aritecture also. I saw a picture of Mr Hamiltons sky walk and it was a thrill, and I think walking on it would compell the mind, like a thrill looking through glass and looking down the vastness of the debth of the grand canyon. It is a marvalous piece yet so simplisic is is a marvel of genius. I really like that comprehensive engineering design of his. I think he has a very rare genius quality in him that is beyond rare. Did you read Miss Annebell’s Secrets? That was a master piece of work, it really was the best story I ever read. I didn’t want to read anything else efter that story and stopped writing myself just thinking about the story. I wrtten pices in the past and have minor publications, and had some poetry as well, yet Mr Hamilton’s work is far beyond competiton, there isn’t anything that great, not even the lightning bolt theory or even a car that runs off of it’s own motion. For example, and I believe I written to Mr Hamilton about this, it is an off spring of a car donation invention I gave to Neo-Tech to help them with money, if you put a generator behind the wheel of each car it would create current. THere is an unlimited amunt of generators that you can install on a car with gear ration reduction to create high rpm’s to create high current to charge li-ni cad batteries, etc. Lessen the mass weight of the car, and reduce the size, and make a transportation sector for small cars, or roads and streets for small cars the run off of motion of the car, and you have a brilliant idea then that will create a lot of jobs and a lot of diversity in the transportation sector. I can see it in my mind, the entire concept from the car itself to how it would work in society. Put an electric motor or a couple of them to drive the car from the charge of the batteries. Any extra current applies driectly pass the batteries to working electronics or conponents of the car. That I donate to Neo-Tech if they can help me build it. I want to see the idea work for the thrill of seeing it work. Too, in wind mills, your familure with the fact those are only made with generators to create current, right? Well, the same thing, install an electric motor in the windmill to turn the shaft connected to the shaft connected to the prop. Install a regulator to send soem generated emf to the electric motor and some to the batteries to the house and you might have forever inertia. I would like to build that too. The thing is, a few depression eppisodes kept me down and really messed up how I feel. I haven’t had too many good things happen in my life. Since I moved in my current residence I had been very creative, more so then I had eveyr been before. I feel in love. So, i have a few books started and a few inventions, and a coulple other things. I spoke to Fagen on it once before i think when i called in. Too, do know Mr Hamilton owns copy rights of everything I write to anyone on Earth and has the right to edit any of it per my request. It is protectionisms. I delt with way too many bad incidents non-neo-tech related. Even with the post office. I have two NC Numbers. The post office ripped off my mail I mailed to neo-tech once and had to pay for a second book of Miss Annabell’s secrets. I have thre copies of those books becasue of the dumb stupid rip off’s of postal employees! I am mad at them! At one time my onwly form of communication was by via first class mail. and I know how many letters were stolen. Well, i was talking to a few citizens and a coupel of them, one in particular said that the post office had employees that were ripping off the US Postal mail during the bad economy. She said, my next door neighbor, she knew of a person that would take bundles of mail out of the post office bags, take the letters home just to rip them open to get money out. If they didn’t have moeny then they would throw the letters away. becasue I voiced that complaint I had too many bad things happen, blocked from achievement if you will. So, when Neo-Tech blooms full state, which they already had, then these issues will be resolved. I am so sick and tired of the buracratic bullcrap and other things related to rip off’s I am too upset. That alone had me study a few things and seconf guess everyone around me. They thing is, everyone wants what neo-tech offers and I consciously know that. It is a beautful thing, yet never let power casue the wrong decision making in your mings eye. I don’t, I believe in the litature,a nd currently I have a credit report to clean up as well. I had some individuals steal my banks checks and debit card and state ID from me and they over drafrted my TCF account. I had been working on that legally for the past two and a half years. Otherwise I would ahd a business started already. I have a few talents, I can paint a little, and draw, and cartoon, and can make relly nice projects out of wood and do really cool renovation work, and have some ideas for a business that are one of a kind, a few of them, and have iddeas for movies and books myself. I had one book I written that was a journal I have to rewite becasue I wasn’t familure with non-publication of things related to neo-tech. I was jsut so aweinspired taht neo-tech, theilluminatti contacted me with the other socail orders I wanted to mention things about them in my book. So, that one of the few I started I have to re-write according to the neo-tech laws. man, I always wanted to be someone or part of something where i felt I belonged, and I feel that with neo-tech, I really do. I know the bright huamn beings in that fdield, they are like me in a way. Too, ihad done some study on medical, and had a couple ideas of cures for spinal and paralystis , 9missing limbs) persons, and had done study on other medical things as well. Too, I love the weather, two of my favorites are Tom Skilling and Jerry Taft on TV for meteorologis. Too, i have an invention concept for a uranium molecule ina hollow lead ball that is chain reacted for continual battery life. I have a few ideas, I can usually come up with on the average 20 to 30 ona good day, other days I might come up with only two or three. It all depaends. The moives got ahold of me too. There were a few movies that had doen some enactments of my life, bits and pieces, it is really cool. I try to play along with it, yet most of thetime I don’t feel well becasue I thoguht I would of had a few billion dollars already. I really wanted to live where the air is clean and where ther eisn’t any pollution, with a bank account so if I had to go into town to get stock on food then I could. Well, I have a few things I have to catch up on. In the mean time, do you know of any publishers that offer retainer fees for authors to finish the book they are writting? I would like to know. Oh, that is another thing. I sent out three book to a publisher in new york that didn’t keep her verbal agreement at the time I couldn’t afford a Xerox of my book, couldn’t retain a copy and lost all that work. it took me like three moneths to write those books. becouse afew of my maqnuscripts were stolen and a poem book I sota becasme discouraged in writing books again. Terri, my lovve to be got me re-started again. Well, too, I do have an invention idea for a CEV rocket that is still in draft as well, a Civilian Enviromental Veichel, rocketship. Had a few engines designs for those also yet those were stolen as well. alls I do is write about things lately. Ihope the entire neo-tech force comes to Joliet and greets Terri and I. I tell her all about all of you in neo-tech and am so proud of all of you. Well, someday maybe I can introduce her too all of you. She is relly cool, and everyone would like her. I want to meet all of you in neo-tech also, all of you are like a dream to me waiting to happen. I want to see my dreams come to life of my inventions. I need money badly, so we had been playing the lottery once ina while beating our chances there. I hope something good happens for us, we really need it. Mr Hamilton will be reading this, tellhim hello and he already knows he is the only person on Earth I have to answer to, yet it is all good, him, Terir and only a few person Iactually trust on Earth after someof the things that took place. I know I can trust NEO-TECH members, that is a given.
    Your friends,
    Patrick & Terri

  4. Lewis Fernando Rosado says:

    Pay them peanuts, you get monkeys. Anybody who comes to me with a stark of interest, I feed that spark and it becomes a flame, I feed the flame and it becomes a fire, I feed the fire and it becomes a ROARING BLAZE (Constintine Cus D’ Amato). Keep up the great work. Take care, God bless.

  5. Joan Petrone says:

    Dear Patrick:

    I understood the enervating frustration that you are experiencing from having to deal with dishonest people that act like vampires, usurping your precious time and energy. I have lived in West Hollywood for over forty years, and whenever I submitted my intellectual property to the networks, I was ripped off. Their contracts are one-way contracts, in their favor, with hidden lies in them, and even the Writers agencies that are supposed to protect the writers steal ideas. The ideas are modified slightly, so as to deter detection.
    The domestic side of my life story was written by someone I thought I could trust, but he also stole the story and it was made into a movie. When I saw it, I thought I was in “The Twilight Zone.” When I confronted him, (via telephone) I was threatened. Just remember this: If the Neocheaters experienced one moment of the brilliance of your inventive and conscious mind, they would probably collapse with fear. If you practice using Mark Hamilton’s “psychological bullets” it helps a lot. I am now in a situation where the neighborhood doesn’t want a Caucasian working there, and believe me, I am under constant psychological fire. They are practicing “Santaria,” and it is very threatening to peace of mind.
    I was in the entertainment field most of my life, and I know what you are going through, regarding your creative mind. If you invent something, I understand that the anti-civilization persons- the “parasitical elite,”, as Mark Hamilton calls them, well, they can modify it, and they know that they are allowed only to steal less than five per cent. I could be mistaken, but that it what I was told by a lawyer.
    Think of the satisfaction, dear Patrick, of knowing that you are brilliant. All they can say, inwardly, is “Uh, Oh.” Here comes Patrick. Be on guard. He wins, every time we encounter him.” He almost has X-ray perception.”
    May the Universal beneficence be with you.
    Joan from Los Angeles, CA

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