Get Ready For An Amazing 2010 With TVP!

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TVPfGet Ready For An Amazing 2010 With TVP!

The Twelve Visions Party ushers in the New Year with great momentum and big plans. With the state of New Jersey being the first to be handed their affiliate certificate and California close behind; all other states are moving forward through a clearly blazed path.

New Jersey is also hosting a TVP Convention on March 20th in Newark, New Jersey at the historic Newark Symphony Hall. Convention Chairman Larry Johnson has been working close with Steve Fagan and many others to make this event a reality.

It will include various speakers, Neothink® Business Alliance vendors, Neothink® artists and musicians and the keynote speaker is Mark Hamilton’s right hand man Steve Rapella. Neothink® and TVP members from all over are preparing for the event which will be another milestone for the Twelve Visions Party. Congratulations New Jersey for your trailblazing achievements!

As TVP gains momentum, the need for having Political Action Committees in each state is rising. TVP Oregon members Bruce Heth and Kenneth Townsend have been leading the charge in helping all states develop their own Political Action Committee. Contacting Bruce Heth or Kenneth Townsend for information on PAC’s and helping your state get set up is a huge contribution to TVP at this stage. If you’ve been looking for a way to get involved with TVP directly, then this may very well be your big chance!

And speaking of getting involved with TVP, the Neothink® Business Alliance and TVP are further integrating through a new sponsorship program for the Sunday TVP call. Neothink Business Alliance members (and Neothink members) can now sponsor the Sunday call by visiting TVP’s national committee site at:

Thank you and congratulations to the Business Alliance’s own Value Added Concepts LLC which has been the first to sponsor the Sunday TVP call. Log on to to learn more about this wonderful Neothink Business.

Get ready for a great year of progress and accomplishment with TVP. The Reason Magazine ad for the new Wealth, Health, Peace book will be hitting the market soon. And more advertising and marketing for TVP is in the works including the idea of a new radio show! Stay tuned to the TVP Saturday and Sunday calls for updates and the latest developments. And don’t forget to log onto and periodically for all of your other TVP informational needs.

A depoliticized country is right around the corner, and TVP welcomes the New Year with excitement, enthusiasm and a serious ambition to get down to business and make things happen. This is TVP’s year to take root and create mass awareness, so sit back and enjoy the ride or jump in with both feet and become part of the most amazing watershed event in political history!

-Jeff Smith

14 Responses for “Get Ready For An Amazing 2010 With TVP!”

  1. Royd Garcia says:

    This is exciting…LONG LIVE THE TVP!!

  2. Nadia Sazanovitch says:

    TVP will stand tall and strong!

  3. Jill Reed says:

    I am part of that “Amazing 2010 With TVP!” and nothing makes me happier except being part of the Neothink Society, and hanging out with great friends I have met thanks to Mark Hamilton, founder of the Twelve Visions Party at

    Come join us the Creative Essence of the TVP at 11:30 AM Eastern each Saturday at 303-390-0043 376958#. Come celebrate an “Amazing 2010” with Jill Reed and Kenneth Townsend you co-hosts. We couldn’t do this if it weren’t for you! Email us at:

    I C in U what U C in Me! Catch our hugs!

  4. Jill Reed says:

    Congratulations my Dear Friend Kenneth Townsend for a great job of reciting the Prime Law from your heart!

    You are now reflecting out for the entire world to see and hear. Great video my co-host of the Ever-Loving Saturday Call! Thank you for this value creation.

    Catch my friendship hug!
    Jill Reed

  5. We will not fail with TVP. We have to out compete this anti civilization.
    The people need us, and we need the people.

  6. Dennis says:

    Good riddance to the scam political parties. Whether the Christian-infested Republicans (that love wars) or the control-everyone “Democrats” (that love setting up scams to control the public), they both have to go. Along with them, the regulators that work with the Establishment has to go.

    I, for one, am tired of having to worry about when Codex Alimentarius is going to spell the end of my vitamins, and waste my tax dollars doing vitamin busts and making sure everyone is compliant. I am tired of the environmental scam–global warming, climate change–and the threat of having a fake energy crisis generated with this. I am tired of not seeing vitamins being used to cure disease, and not seeing drugs actually curing things. I am tired of black singers dying of diseases in their 30s, 40s, 50s, or early 60s (yes, I like R&B music). I am tired of speed limits and other stupid traffic laws that do not improve anything but insurance company bottom lines. I am tired of companies that think they own their employees.

    Already we had one candidate promise “change we can believe in”. This “change” includes mandatory sickness insurance under threat of a fine (and, because he is not open and upfront with the bill, I suspect jail time will be added). It includes an attempt at mandatory swine flu shots. It includes basically selling out the country for the “climate change” scam (even though only 4 other nations signed on). It includes bailing out bad banks, and creating regulations to prevent good ones from popping up. It includes the real threat of hyperinflation the likes this country has never seen. And we are supposed to believe in that “change”?

    The Twelve Visions Party, and what it stands for, is change we REALLY can believe in. Because initiatory force, threats of force, and fraud will be banned, so will forced purchase of sickness insurance. Codex Alimentarius, the fake energy crisis, and future scam flu shots and mandatory taking them will be illegal–vitamins, alternative energy sources, real health for all, and the opportunity for people to actually start their own business to fill in when the Establishment goes belly up in lieu of bailouts will actually be legal.

    I intend to not vote in anyone that is of the Democratic party–or a Republican that is unduly influenced by religion. Instead, I wish to see the Twelve Visions Party thriving–and maybe some of these comments about how our president is not doing his job or that he is ruining this country would be replaced with comments of a president that is doing a stellar job at repairing our Constitution and freedom during 2013 and 2014.

  7. Nedra Burton says:

    How wonderful to hear the hope that is resounding through the Neo-Thinkers, I can’t wait for the complete change. It is so devastating to see this beautiful country heading down the path of extreme socialism and the people actually cowering in fear of the unknown. The Twelve Visions Party is the answer.

  8. james critcher says:

    I reaily enjoyed this comment by Dennis say,s jan 16th 20i0.

  9. There are so many good and honest people involved with the sos, and tvp, that
    it is totally mind boggling. I am very highly pleased and delighted to be a
    member of this which I call truely High Society. We know who we are.
    We know what we stand for. We know what we want. We know where we are
    going. We have the DRIVE, AMBITION, and PASSION to make things happen
    individually and as a group.
    I am truely looking forward to the Business Alliance really kicking-in, and the
    fda and irs kicking out.
    Thanks Mark H. and All

  10. Don Reding says:

    I have been of the Neo-Tech menatity my whole life. It is great to see that it is finally beginning to come together. If anybody wants to connect with me on Facebook I am Donald a Reding. Thanks!

  11. vicente san martin jr says:

    looking forward to march 20th and being part of that i am ready to go let s get this party started i am ready for a party

  12. brenda hough says:

    I enjoy reading the comments that members share. The good and honest people of the TVP will rise and stand tall as the old world falls.As I look into the eyes of others I see how they need what we have.At times I see through wet eyes and yet most often they feel hope when I tell them there is a new party coming to town ….jILL R you are a doll.I love TVP

  13. vicente san martin jr says:

    T.V.P I see why we need T.V.P more and more every day i want it to pass so we can have freedom i have a new baby comeing at the end of the year of 2010 Nov 5th is the due date so i am a happy daddy due to the heirlooms and what i have been reading in them every day and the love life is great my wife and i are so happy to bring in a new value creator into our lifes the heirlooms work well for me they do and soon i will know if the baby is a feamale or male to soon to say right now but T.V.P is the hope for my 2 kids and Miss Annabelle can teach them the right way i can trust her know why i am in the classroom right now and it is a great class to be in and i know my kids will know that very soon thank you all for all you help and thank you Rick on monday night call you keep me going when i hear you talk love you all

  14. Roy James says:

    The Twelve Visions Party is great! I can’t wait til we have it here in Texas.

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