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I made a 49 hour one-way trip to attend New Jersey’s 2nd State Convention.  There were easier ways to get there, but, my journey allowed me to speak of the Twelve Visions Party® to hundreds across the nation.  I used the media approach that Mark Hamilton had given us.  When I spoke about “The Greatest Get Rich Program in the History of Mankind” the people listened.  When I shared that there are really only two (2) classes of people – the “Ruling Class,” and the “Suppressed Class,” people understood.

When I spoke of the Visions and the Prime Law, which separates the two, they listened intently. People want to understand what Mark Hamilton has shared with us.  Now, we should each be responsible and spread this message of love.

When I arrived at the bus depot, in Newark, the first man I spoke to, named Arthur, responded, “I have heard of The Twelve Visions Party.”  I hesitantly replied, “How?”  He replied, “I see it on my way here on the Hall!”  I was thrilled.  He helped me find the bus to my hotel and carried my luggage onboard!  I invited him to come by Saturday if he had time with no promises that I could get him in.

Arthur stopped by on his way to play jazz guitar for his church.  Peggy Hunsicker came to find me.  Arthur and I exchanged hugs and he gave me a luggage cart.  Bob McCaffrey gave him a name tag, and I saw Arthur’s chest puff-up!  He was offered lunch from someone else.  I introduced him to Steve Fagan’s warm welcome.  The exchanges here showed me what The Neothink Society® and TVP are all about.  We are love!  Someone else arrived to say hello to me, and while we spoke, Arthur interrupted.  Here is what he said “This lady has restored my faith in America.”

I know that I am only a messenger, as I can reflect from Arthur, and, say “Mark Hamilton restored my faith in America.”    Next, Arthur, who has played at prior Inaugurations, said “I want to play for you all!”  I exchanged addresses with Arthur.  I still see his proud face and know he walks the streets of New Jersey proudly wearing his name tag for The Twelve Visions Party.

I thank New Jersey for letting me engage my passion for the Twelve Visions Party and I thank them for the value of sharing their experience with the rest of our states.   As I listened to genius after genius make presentations, share integrations, read poems, sing songs, dance, and share love, I thought to myself, “I am so proud to be a part of this group of geniuses as we bring about Wealth, Health, and Peace to America.”

I found love on my bus trip!

Jill Reed

8 Responses for “The Love Bus”

  1. brenda says:

    Hi Jill, Thank you for sharing your story The Love BuS,It must have being a very wonderful feeling to be there ,I can feel the love inside as I read your story,

  2. Hi Jill,
    This is Ralph, I like the story. America is so big,and not everyone can
    travel, and see who actually lives in it..All your writtings are inspirational,
    and encouraging.The Twelve Visions Party, is the way to go!

  3. Dicta says:

    hi Jill,
    You are always a rose of love where ever you are be it on top of the mountain, in the high sea or deep down the mines. Praying to meet you one day.
    This story is who you are to all hmanity. It is great to hear you speak in the meetings all the time.
    I am learning and am encouraged to understand what someone like you have learned from Mr Hamilton.

  4. Margrett Jones says:

    Hi Jill, it was nice to have seen you at the Convention and having lunch together.
    You found Love on the Love Bus because that is what you emit. Your energy is that of pure Love. You are a beautiful person, Jill, and thank you for all that you do for our society. Margie

  5. chris says:

    Thanks Jill for this journey. I hope the good news of wealth, health, and peace will continue to spread. Again, thank you.

  6. What A Thrill story… It’s time to showing up every where.

  7. Fahmeeda Hameed says:

    Hi Jill. Your testimony reminded me. Here in Chicago there was actually a CTA bus driver who would welcome passengers and say, welcome to the love bus. Some people say he was high on something. I think he was just high on life and living. Thank you for sharing your experience and reminding us of the power of love.

  8. hi Jill this is Mike I’m in your team charlie I love yuor story
    love and gratitude can part SEAS love is the most beautyful
    entity in the UNIVERSE and you reflects just that
    love you Jill best regards mike c

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