Global Information Network Super Team

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Global Information Network Super Team

Every Monday 4:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Eastern

949.333.4806 pin: 256015#

Come Join us every Monday @ 4:30pm Pacific / 7:30pm Eastern for one of the best hours you will ever be a part of, as the GIN SuperTeam takes motivation and know-how to another level. Mark Hamilton saw a need to help his members that are already a part of the Global Information Network or wish to become an Affiliate / Member and want the advantage of learning from some of our more senior advanced members. Join Mike Ginther each week with his co-hosts, Steve Fagan and Steven Hinz as they bring on the experts in network marketing and wealth creation. This past week our special guest was none other than Mr. Kevin Trudeau, and he spent more than an hour filling us all in on what we can expect in 2010 and beyond. As usual, Kevin brought a ton of enthusiasm with him as he captivated us with what we are about to experience in a very big way. If you missed this teleseminar with Kevin, not to worry, as you can listen to the re-play here:

One of the things we are doing each week is sharing some success stories of our successful team members that are having fun and making money. Having fun is the key, and we have lots of fun, but we are also spotlighting some extra effort a few of our members are making and the really good results they are experiencing. Sure it does require some effort to be successful, but for those of you that are willing to put in the effort, we will make sure that it will be fun along the way.

There are some surprises planned including future meetings where Kevin Trudeau and some of his friends will be on the call, and even a few contests where you might even win some personal coaching, books and cd’s. We will be including seminar style webcasting and video broadcasting as this program rolls out into the weeks ahead along with more sizzle calls and broadcasts to send your prospects to. Stay tuned to the Monday calls for all of the details.

7 Responses for “Global Information Network Super Team”

  1. mike sondgeroth says:

    this is great we have a gin weekly, I hope soon to be a part of the weekly calls ,
    been working for since before thanksgivving up here in alaska remote, been missing the call ins , i plan on changing that soon!! your hear more from me this spring ,


  2. Pat Carey says:

    These calls are absolutely 1st class and to have this weekly access to like minded members of GIN and NT is hugely motivational and inspiring. Listening to the ways others incorporate these teachings (Your Wish CDs and Marks literature etc) and these developing Master Mindset Group integrations and evolutions of thinking are growing from strenght to strenght each and every week. By listening in your mood, energy and vibration are all boosted and the enthusiasm is contagious. Keep up the GREAT work and a thousand thanks to all involved.
    PC IRL

  3. Ogden Raafi says:

    I am very excited to have another great opportunity to be involved with two of the greatest groups, ( NT & GIN ) the world has ever known. Thanks, to Mark Hamilton and Kevin Trudeau. May we all experience PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS FOREVER.

  4. Elena Leonardo says:

    The Suuper Team meetings have been very uplifting, inspirational, and loaded with good ideas It was exceptional, having Kevin Trudeau on to speak to us a couple of weeks ago. I look forward to these meetings each week. Steve, Mike, and Steven are doing a terrific job. Thank you.

  5. Keep the calls coming guys, this is phenomenal.
    Be on the look out for “Neothink Radio: Talks”, it’s been in progress and is launching ultra soon.!

    Peace and Progression Forever∞

  6. Ogden Raafi says:

    To all members in NT, and GIN, again I take great pleasure in expressing my grattitude and supporting attitude for the opportunity to be participating in so valuable groups. Thank you, Neothink World.

  7. Anthony says:

    Hello I;m Anthony a Georgia gratitified expresser expressing great grattitude for for each and every one of you great like minded people.To my advisor Mark Hamilton,in short I just want to say thank you one ,twice a million times maybe more than you’ll ever imagine thanks.I reflect often on my literature it’s so meaningful. You will always be my hero your presence,your guidance has the missing element of my life.If only I had known you years ago.These days of midage crisis I should focus solely on my children inheriting share for their livelyhoods.Continue sharing abroad this lovely concept THROUGH PURE LOVE&HONESTY Anthony

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